Golden Spokes Organising Committee

SPR is hosting the Golden Spokes this year in early November. Quite a bit of work goes into organising an event like this, so to help spread the load this year we would like to set up an orgnanising committee.

Ideally we would like 2 or 3 people to take on this challenge and help Josh and myself put everything together. The committee would ideally be comprised of people who are familiar with the racing game. The reason for this is two fold 1) Your race knowledge will help in your ability to organise the race, and 2) if you help with the organising we wont deny you the opportunity to race on the day.

Josh and myself will be doing a majority of the work, we just need a few people to be able to help out here and there.

Names in the comments if you are available

6 thoughts on “Golden Spokes Organising Committee”

  1. Come on guys. Toby works his butt off to organise these sort of things. This is not something that is just up to the Club Committee (who have other things that we are doing). All you racers stick your hand up and help out.

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