Swan Valley cyclo Sport-if (FINAL CALL)

Ok this is going to be the last call for this. It is this coming sunday. At the moment we have enough people for one team made up of four Main 1,  three Main 2 and one Main 3.

Registrations need to be done by tomorrow so if you are interested then see the information on this page and register so we can work out if we even have a team.



After having such a strong showing at this event last year will be disappointing to not have even one team entered this year.

15 thoughts on “Swan Valley cyclo Sport-if (FINAL CALL)”

  1. There is a ‘Fast’/’Posuer’ team….

    It is the $75 fee that is killing it.. It is starting to get ridiculous. But at least at this sportif there is some track action thrown in. So one can kind of justify it: Ride, lunch and track for $75.. Bargain?

  2. Wow the team in that photo look awesome! Chocolat Canard.

    Sadly im injured so cant ride but Pete if you’re setting up a tent and need some help i’m available.

  3. What you been smoking Anna?? I can’t see any photo..

    I think the SPR tent needs a masseuse for tired legs who did the Sportif.. I reckon a few more would be willing to ‘support’ the club then 🙂

  4. ryan has managed to put together a team with the fast boys, so we will have 2 teams.

    emma g is studying physio but is doing the sportif, maybe she can do some massages after the race, but you would have to ask her very nicely.

  5. Always handy to have a physio about..

    The boys in her team will have to ensure she returns to the tent full of energy.. We don’t want any half hearted massages.. Pffft.. 😉

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