the golden spokes

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our big bike race for the year is coming up on saturday the 5th nov and we desperately need volunteers to make this event successful.  josh has done lots of work behind the scenes to set this up and we have sponsorship money from the city of armadale so we can afford proper traffic management.  the day, however, comes down to us as a club to run the event.  we need a number of volunteers for various parts of the day from basic setup work through to driving the lead car during the event.

so we need the following bodies –

  • 7 setup labourers
  • 3 registration desk attendants
  • 3 line judges
  • 2 lap counters
  • a chaperone rider for the U13 race
  • mechanic in the spares vehicle (just wheel changes)

we also need the following things –

  • 3 lead vehicles – if anyone has a business out there that has a sponsored car and would like to drive it around the course on a saturday morning, let me know.
  • 1 spares ute – follow the “a” grade race with spare wheels in the back

now this gets us to the basic minimum to run the race.  what i am looking at is a few more things that make it a bit better than a standard race.

  • bbq cook and refreshments attendant
  • anyone with a business that wants to donate some prizes and we can promote your company
  • podium girls (yes i am serious)

if you think you can help out on the day please out your name in the comments below and let us know what you can do/provide and for how long.  as a club, we have an opportunity to make a big impression in how we run these events, so i am looking at others in the club to help out as much as possible.  if you have never raced before, then this is a good opportunity to see how it all works before dipping your toe in the water.

36 thoughts on “the golden spokes”

  1. Happy to help out where needed. Will be racing C Grade. I have also touched base with David from @thesufferfest and he is eager to sponsor the fourth place getters with The Sufferfest training videos. Let me know how many categories and I will get it sorted out.

  2. Will be there to help out wherever needed, but only if Toby shows his guns again. Not racing so can cover later jobs (excluding cross dressing).

  3. Happy to put my name down for registration attendant or refreshment attendant or BBQ attendant….. but not podium attendant! Will need a little time out though to do some laps with the women.

  4. Seb will entering in the U13 for SPR (no kit unfortunately) so happy to assist with the chaperone task.

    Maybe we need > 1 doing this?
    It can get a bit fragmented…

  5. Happy to help out till about 12.30 (have commitments after that). I have never helped out at a cycling event before but have heaps of experience with Rally Australia and other motorsport events and plenty of experience timing/judging equestrian events

  6. Like I said, I can provide a van, but Nathan is talking me into racing C Grade, so will need someone over 26 YO & manual licensed to drive it during the C Grade.

    Also, I have no idea what the is required of the van, so I hope instructions will be given out.

  7. I’m gutted that im going to be away for this. So many people giving it a go, it’s great. Good luck to everyone, i look forward to the write up.

  8. Put me down for ‘almost’ anything that hasn’t been taken care of.
    Only point to note is I am on call this weekend so don’t make it something too important in case I have to dash.

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