new (maybe old) training sessions

after a very brief stint of “spin with kat”, we now have “spin with fynn” back up and running instead.  the night has changed to monday, but the venue is still the same.  bring your bike, trainer and running shoes…and any bad jokes.

  • monday 6:30pm under the narrows (south perth side) for 1hr of spin and perhaps a bit of a run.

as we make our way towards the end of the year, the focus is starting to head back towards next years UCI race.  as such we are reinstating the UCI wednesday morning ride.  this will conflict with the current ciao ride at 6:00am, but will cater for a different crowd.  ciao will be flat and fast, uci will be hilly and fast.

  • wednesday 5:30am under the narrows (city side) for 3 laps of the uci course in kings park.

as seen in a previous post, there is a main group ride (recovery ride) on thursday morning starting just after the fast ride.  this ride can also pick up any dropped riders from the fast ride as it will take the same course.

  • thursday 5:30am under the narrows (city side) for a lap of the river including cottesloe.

6 thoughts on “new (maybe old) training sessions”

  1. Thanks Pete. I’ll be there (Narrows) on Wednesday(s) for the Kings Park ride. The aim for the first few weeks for me will be to get some steady kms in around the course without going too hard/fast, so happy to play sweeper.

  2. Good group of about 14 went around the KP course this morning (no Rebecca). Lots of other riders – not rouleurs – in and about the park before the rain came too.
    After a warm-up lap, we (mainly Cade) stretched out the legs a bit on the second lap, which some, including Carlos who has returned like a Phoenix from the ashes of his fall, continued into the third. Others took a recovery lap or drifted off to work and/or coffee. Traffic was mild and not too many red lights to get in the way of the downhill packs, although one pedestrian wanted to take Stu on (for daring to turn a corner on the road that he was crossing).
    So a solid pipe-owner just to remind ourselves of how “busy” and tiring the circuit is. Bring on the eight (or six if you’re old) laps.

  3. I agree Mike, good solid ride this morning. I did think that I was working fairly hard and going nowhere on the second lap but only to be told my wheel was about to come adrift. A quick check and a couple of broken spokes meant the brakes were on for most of the second lap.
    Hopefully next week will be better.

  4. Technology failed me with me turning off my daily alarm completely yesterday. Woke up naturally at 5.25am…what a fail!! Looks like I wasn’t the only one though (Nathan). Next week it is!

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