golden spokes – volunteers list

so the golden spokes is this saturday 5th and thank you to the number of people that have volunteered.  the day is split into 3 parts and we need volunteers to be operating during two of them.

firstly there is the juniors race.  this starts at 6:30am and contains 3 separate races.  next is the west coast masters race at 8:15am, but they supply all the labour, so we can have a rest (warm up for the race).  finally is the cycling wa race with 3 grades starting at 10:00am.

so, all of you that volunteered but said that you are racing as well, i thank you, but am sorry to say that you will need to be there about 4 hours before your race starts.

registrations opens at 6:00am so we need to be setup before that time.  those that are on setup duty will need to be there at least 1/4 hour before hand so we can set up tents and tables.

  Setup Crew – 5:45am
1 Jordan Brock
3 Jeff Jorgenson
4 Ben Madsen
5 John Gilbertson
6 Alistar Dickenson
7 Carlos D’Oliveira

at 6:00am we need to have the registration desk up and running and by 6:30am we need the lap counters set up.

  Rego & Refresh – 6:00am   Lap Counters – 6:30am
1 Alison Ramm 1 Andrew Wong
2 Amanda Nabi 2 Jen Siah
3 Andrew Ballam

during the juniors race, we are not expecting there to be much action at the refreshments desk, so the registration people can deal with that.

we also need line judges but the setup crew should be able to do that too.

  Line Judging – 7:00am
1 Jordan Brock
3 Jeff Jorgenson
4 Ben Madsen
5 John Gilbertson
6 Alistar Dickenson
7 Carlos D’Oliveira

the one job that i don’t have filled at the moment is a lead car for the under 17 race.  we need someone to drive their own car in front of the race for 8 laps.  this helps the lap counters to keep track of things.  let me know if you can help out.

we then have a break for a couple of hours while the west coast masters do their thing.  apparently they have 5 grades running at once so there should be loads of action.

at 10:00am the cycling wa races start and this is where we need the next wave of volunteers.  the registration desk and refreshments will be need to be manned by 9:15am to allow the first shift time to warm up before their race.

  Rego & Refresh – 9:15am   Lap Counters – 10:00am
1 Caris Buchanan 1 Simon Millichip
2 Meghan Thomas 2 Heiko & Suzy
3 Sarah Bolton
4 Bec O’Donnell

during the event there are also 4 vehicles involved in the race that we need to provide.  there are 3 lead cars for each of the grades and a spares vehicle for the ‘a’ grade race.  the lead vehicles help the lap counters keep track of the race and let other people know that the race is coming.  the spares vehicle needs a experienced rider in so that they can change the wheels quickly, so we have 2 people in the car.

  Lead Vehicles – 9:30am   Spares Ute – 9:30am
1 DOME (with driver) 1 Ross Ellis
2 NetPlus (Garry Abdy) 2 Johnny in the Drops
3 Nick’s Ute (Mark Hindley)

at the end of the race the most crucial roles are the line judges.  we need to give positions down to 10th place, so we need as many people involved as possible.  i have nominated 3 people, but more will be better.

  Line Judging – 11:00am
1 Mike Bonner
2 Stuart Gee
3 Dale Groves

after the race are presentations and we have a couple of people that are designated as “presentation support” to ensure that the proceeding go smoothly.

  Presentation Support – 11:30am
1 Kat Buckley
2 Zina Tchistiakova

well that is it.  the day is done, so whomever has just raced should still be around to help pack up all the equipment.

a few things that i don’t have that we may also need.

  • folding chairs.  i have 2, we need lots more than that unless you want to stand all day.
  • folding table. if anyone has a trestle table, we need one for the refreshments table.
  • any other people that i have not listed that have said that they are available, please still come down anyway to help.  we are bound to need back ups, or even people to ride shotgun in the lead cars so that the drivers don’t get bored.

the club really needs people to make this day work.  josh has done a lot to get the race organised, now we need to make it run smoothly.


19 thoughts on “golden spokes – volunteers list”

  1. Peter, if you need anyone else super early to help set up I can help. I need to leave by 8.15 to head to work but I can help out no problems up until that time. Cheers Cat

  2. I’m free of on call duties so will be down for the day to help out where needed.
    If someone has a zippy lil number that is more appropriate than my clunker ute, i can lead out the u17.
    See you all there.

    1. yep, sorry snuggles i forgot about that one. we may need a couple more to ride with the U13’s. josh was trying to organise some of the top riders to come out with but not sure of his success.

      1. I’m racing c grade but I’m happy to come down early and ride with the U13s. It should be a nice little warm up as long as they don’t drop me.

  3. Pete,

    You might need to add an additional category on the top of the lap counter.

    “Turbo Durbo”
    xx Laps.

    Looks like Johno “Michael” Bolton is going to have a tough ride in A grade.

  4. Hi Pete,

    I’ll be arriving with Carlos so will be around to help set up.
    Also if anyone on the 6am “rego and refresh” desk wants to swap and do the 9:15 time slot, I’m happy to swap.

  5. Hi guys,
    I’m hoping the masters races will finish before the spares ute is on circuit.
    You have me scheduled for 9:30 but I assume my race will finish at 10ish.
    Happy to jump straight from the bike to car if its OK?

  6. aarrrgghh. need help. the commodore station wagon, although big, does not have enough capacity to take everything i need to set the race up tomorrow. i need someone that is heading down early tomorrow to swing by my place this arvo and pick up a few things. mainly an esky, folding chairs and a bag of bits and pieces. let me know if you can help.

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