SPR Monday Ride – Stock Road

Last Monday (21st November) there were 6 of us out on the Monday AM ride, and as we were going along Stock Road one of the state’s beloved white ute driving tradespeople decided they wanted to see exactly how close they could get to a bunch of cyclists without actually killing anyone. No one was hit, words and hand gestures were exchanged and we all put it down to just another of the incidents we seem to have to put up with.

Well, today the full Monday Morning Crew were out (just Rob and I) and as we’re riding along Stock Road a motorcyclist flags us down and says: “Were you riding along here last week when a ute tried to kill you all?” After initially thinking he was going to blame us for something, it turns out he’s a licence examiner, and he had got all the details of the incident (including the number plate of the ute) and reported it to the police!

Apparently, in order for the police to act upon the report they need at least one of us to ring in to corroborate the report. So, we thought it would be best if we had all the names of the people who were out last Monday. If you were out with Rob and I, can you please comment below so we can file a report?

Thanks heaps.

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  1. OK. I’ve filed my report. The police have indicated that anyone else from the group that morning phoning in on 131444 can simply quote my Reference # 281111090183176 and they will just add your name to the report. They couldn’t find the details of the motorcyclist at the time but apparently the investigating officer will do more matching up of similar reports at a later date. They’ve included where he works, so should be able to find him.

    Visions of Brookton Hwy without the needless loss of life.

  2. Hi Guys, I’m not good with names, I was on that ride nearly copping it on the arm from that ute, will ring & report it tomorrow, what a small world & what good karma.
    Just out of interest I found this post by Wiggle on my Facebook page, having cycled in London for many years sometimes on a fixed wheel you knew you were going to be knocked off it was just a case of how many times, the worst for me was being taken out by the of a skip truck during rush hour! Hope our actions educate one more motorist, if only!

  3. Karma’s a Coming….. Their needs to be more People like Geoff out on the Roads great news on what sounds like it could have been a whole lot worse. Good luck with the report.

  4. brilliant … i luv it when the “wot comes around goest around” thing actually works. Fingers crossed for a good outcome. Thks chaps for a fab Tues ride. Top notch ;0)

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