Tuesday/Thursday training rides for Transitional and Main groups

Losing weight?

Those riders who would like some comfortable, less hilly laps (45km) of the river during the week are invited to join Owen, Shane, Roz and Michelle on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

The midweek tranny rides meet at the usual SPR time and place, that being 5:30 under the Narrows bridge (city side) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Transitional riders should congregate towards the rear of the assembled line/group as the group will leave directly after the main SPR group has departed.

The route will avoid the lumpier bits of Mosman Park and Applecross and the pace will be locked religiously at 28.5 km/hr (give or take for the prevailing wind).

For those not entirely in the loop, there have been 3 separate SPR groups leaving from the Narrows on Thursdays of late. 12 – 15 Main group riders have been following the Fast group around the river at their own pace (and staying together), followed by 4 or so who ride with the Transitionals. So you don’t have to hold 45km/hour to Christ Church to ride with a group on Thursdays any more.

(Rumour also has it that the Tuesday “little ring – zen”  Main ride will return to its more restrained state tomorrow – and may be split depending on numbers)

It will never happen...

12 thoughts on “Tuesday/Thursday training rides for Transitional and Main groups”

  1. Al, it’s more about the vibe of your ride (i.e. not putting others in the hurt box on Tuesdays) than the size of your ring.

  2. A good turnout for both groups today. The Main group behaved impeccably and the only thing marring the ride was the number of punctures (Jarrad, one of the A team, and at least one more) which diminished the bunch when those not needing to get back for work stayed to help/ride with them into the easterly.

    The Transitional group swelled to 10 riders this morning and reached the Raffles just after the Main group with an average just below 28km/hr.

    And Luke did get aroused on his TT bike along Burke Drive.

  3. +1 vote for a Tuesday ride that makes it a priority to stick together on the way back.

    If we don’t try to make say Tuesday a steady no-race-pace ride then it will become just like every other ride – disintegrate into the headwind and everyone suffers.

    Have really enjoyed your influence on the front the last few Tuesdays Mike!

    Just my vote …

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