ride routes 28th & 29th january

its good to have a day off midweek as it really breaks it up.  1 day back at work then a weekend to look forward to. it has been almost a week since i last rode my bike and i am missing it a bit.  the dreaded summer lurgy has taken hold and given me a further week out of my training after an enforced 2 week holiday.  looks like i may be back soon, but not looking forward to the heat that is on offer.

criterium – this weekend we will be holding race 2 of the crit series with the rccc.  we will need volunteers to help out as usual and since it will be hot, we will need more to help out so we can change out traffic management people more often.  the first race starts at 8:00am so we need to be there to set up at 7:00am.  if you can help out before/after your own race then that would be great.  if you are available to help, then put your name in the comments below so we can make sure we have enough people.  also, if you are coming by car, bring a chair as we always seem to be short a few.

spr kit & t-shirts – there are still a few bags of kit that have not been collected yet.  if you contact on email me we can organise a time to pick it up.

fundraiser donations – thanks to all that contributed to our fundraiser at the start of the public holiday ride.  we have raised $200 to help seb (snuggles jr) to get his own track bike.

forums – just another reminder that the forums are now up and running.  so if you want to buy/sell, get info/opinions, need help with something or looking for someone to ride with at odd times, register and you can post to the forums instead of the blog.

ride routes – no hills ride this sunday as you should all be at technology park ot be either racing or helping out with our next criterium.  there will be an earlybird, so you can still get a ride in if you need.  saturday will be a scorcher so we will try to take advantage of the ene winds and get a push back along guilford road.  i hope toby has the aircon running flat out for our arrival.

saturday 28th january

ride starts under the narrows (cityside) at 5:30am

early lap – spr earlybird ride

all rides start at coode st carpark at 7:00am

development group – spr saturday 35.48km (novice shelley)

transitional – spr saturday 41.73km (canning vale reverse) (NOTE CHANGE)

fast & main groups – spr saturday 49.69km (holmes rd)

sunday 29th january

ride starts under the narrows (cityside) at 5:30am

early lap – spr earlybird ride

no hills ride today as we are running a criterium at tech park.  you should be there instead.

19 thoughts on “ride routes 28th & 29th january”

  1. I’ll do the early-bird ride only (sad face) so can slot in wherever, whenever (even on a corner). There is a cool change of 35 predicted.

  2. …and for those that aren’t at the Crits, there will be some “other” racing over the River at the WA State Campionships (Olympic Distance Triathlon) starting from 7:15am. SPR out in force in the form of myself, Nico, Anna Kate….any others???

  3. ….AND the Track Cycling National Championships are on at the Supredrome in Adelaide !! Yeah !! (I believe they may be televised both Sat & Sun on SBS 2 TV.)
    Proper cycling with no right turns ……..

    1. heh, ill save him the effort.

      ‘So i signed up for the 30m ITT over the weekend, managed to hold a nice pace, didnt see many others on the course…. i won’

      1. Yes that’s about the size of it Luke…from up on the grass looking into the sun, for a moment there i thought the guy on David Millars old bike was actually David MIllar…!!!

        Great effort by Nick to solo away and even lap some of the guys who had been dropped….

        Good work..!!!

    2. Can I do a limerick as a race report instead?

      There was a young man from yonder
      who didn’t quite know why he was vulgar
      he entered his name
      but forgot which game
      and ended up looking a right burglar

      Obviously I can’t write neither. Thanks to any comparison to Mr Millar (he does write) …but it appears my one trick card game has been outed. I really hate crowded groups and think that got the better of me.

      I just remember Luke saying that you want to watch out when Nick goes…but then he didn’t follow, so I was very surpised to be alone. arg.

      1. it was all part of the plan. we got on the front and controlled the main group to keep your gap above 30 seconds. it did mean a few times stopping for tea and biscuits, saddle adjustments, and i think at one point we waited while someone went off to the portaloo.

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