uci race and support

well the uci race is only 4 sleeps away and i am still in a state of denial.  it will be alright, i am sure…  anyway, the registration has been extended till friday for the road race, but just looking at the startlist, i have counted just over 30 spr riders in the mix.  now, i just looked at familiar names, so there could be more spr riders than what i am posting below as i might have missed you.  there are 3 in the time trial, but that still leaves quite a few doing the road race.  we are well represented across all age groups, so you will be able to find a familiar face to ride with on the day.

as for the support, there have already been a few volunteers to take the tent to the top of the malcolm st hill (same as last year) and setup a spectator point there.  now this is not within the official feedzone so we will not be handing out drinks as we did last year.  you will need to get your drinks from the official site near the startline.  hopefully this means that they will be handing out water bottles again.  what we can do, is collect your drink bottle for you when you want to change.  i.e. throw your empty at the spr tent and you can collect it back afterwards.  put your name on it will certainly help at this point.

what we will be providing is cool drinks for the spectators and also for the racers after they have finished.  i think that malcom st will give the best vantage point and is probably the place where people will need the most support.  the rccc is also talking about setting up a tent here as they were told that it will cost $400 to set up at the event village.  at last years race there was great support with over 20 people cheering on wearing full spr kit.  hopefully we can have a good turn out again this year.

if you are racing and i have missed you off the list, add to the comments.  if you are supporting you can also add to the comments so the others know who to look out for.  race starts at 7:30am.

Road Race Start

For the Road Race all riders will start in waves in the following age brackets:

7.30am Group 1 Males 18-29 years
7.33am Group 2 Males 30-34 years and 35-39 years
7.36am Group 3 Males 40-44 years and 45-49 years
7.39am Group 4 Females All ages
7.42am Group 5 Males 50-54 years and 55-59 years
7.43am Group 5 Males 60-64 years and 65+ years


UCI World Cycling Tour Qualifying Event Perth 2012
Category Sex Name
16-29 M Iain Moynihan
16-29 M Jen Siah
30-34 F Lisa Wood
30-34 F Dianne Mcauliffe
30-34 M Richard Langsford
30-34 M Luke Ellis
30-34 M Jason Wee Boon Ng
30-34 M John Breed
30-34 F Anna Massey
30-34 M Keith Mcgowan
35-39 M Andrew Prosser
35-39 M Brendan Nichol
35-39 M Menelaos Lagoudis
35-39 M Ben Madsen
35-39 M Matt Upton
35-39 F Amanda Nabi
35-39 M Ryan Fynn
40-44 M Wes Gorman
40-44 M Peter Mah
40-44 M John Gilbertson
40-44 M Stuart Ivins
40-44 M Paul Owen
40-44 M Andrew Ballam
45-49 M Jerard Ghossein
45-49 M Norman Macleod
45-49 M Matthew Seale
50-54 M Michael Bonner
50-54 M John De Albuquerque
50-54 M James Flynn
55-59 M Mark Schneider
55-59 M Frank Calcei
55-59 M John Phillips
55-59 M Stuart Gee

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