Pinjarra 161km TT Champs

Pinjarra 160km Time Trial, Sounds east right…

Well after leaving the Pregnant Wifey home (due in 4 weeks) as she needed rest I set out alone for Pinjarra and what was my first 160km TT, although I have completed 2 Ironman’s this would be the longest TT race I’ve done in since my last Busso Ironman in 2007.

Once there at the Trotting Track I set the bike up and placed everything out and got myself sorted, grabbed my timing chip and number, quick dash for a nervous number 2 and heard Nick Churchill talking in the Women’s toilets WTF (I will let him explain that one haha) also caught up with John G and was about ready to go. Nick gave my spare bottles to a Marshall who kindly dropped then at the drinks table just after the finish line which was a km up the road so I could ride there.

So after a brisk warm up I was off, awesome conditions cool but not much wind I quickly settled into my targeted heart rate and ave speed. Once turning onto Forrest Hwy I was settled in for the straight 19km stretch to the next turn, was a semi rough surface but not too bad by the halfway I had picked up most of the riders who started in front of me but with allot of rubbish on the bike lane from blown tyres, sticks etc you couldn’t not drift too much away as the last thing I wanted was a puncture! As I haven’t done this course before it was all new each bend, but being a 46km lap I knew it was soon to get boring. Nice rolling hill around the back heading back towards Pinjarra to break up the monotonous flat roads, so I crossed for lap one with just on a 39 ave and was at my target and feeling very settled and having my nutrition all was running smoothly.

Back onto Forrest for Lap 2 and someone had turned the wind machine up! Not happy 19km and what felt like a block head wind all be not extremely strong I knew it was going to wear me out if I pushed too hard. I backed off slightly and got through but then my body decided on a toilet break now as most know once its in your head you need one it’s hard to ignore but I did telling myself it was just from being in the TT Position but on top of the small hill I couldn’t hold off and decided to stop and relieve myself, turns out I really did need to go haha so after what seemed like 5 minutes I was off again as I started to wind up Mr Tom Barrett sped past with very nice speed and position so figured he was in for a blinder if he can keep that up. I followed him back into town about 50 meters behind and through in a shade under 39 ave but happy with a 1hr 12 lap considering the toilet stop. I pulled up at the drinks table and changed 2 bottles out for fresh ones and intent on bring it home for the final lap and half lap.

I lost further ground to Tom as we headed into Forrest hwy but I was noticing he was constantly getting out of his seat and stretching and knew his day was turning ugly with still 65 kms to travel. The wind had picked up more and more so I knew lap 3 would just plain suck! By the end of the 19km stretch Matt Dec had sped past again on a blinding ride in what I guestimated to be close to record time. I caught and passed Tom on the back stretch and with some words of encouragement (both ways) I tried to keep my target pace and heart rate without my mind wondering too far which as people that have ridden any long distance solo rides/Triathlons/Ironman’s will know it can ruin your day/race. I kept reminding myself it was easy been here done that only 160km etc etc but surprisingly my arse was feeling pretty good considering it was only my second ride on my new Adamo Time Trial model saddle (Only rode it the day before for 70kms as a test) so was pretty stoked with finally finding a saddle to fit my Toushy!

So through on the last lap wind was even worse and had my cursing and having to drop my ave right down to ensure I had enough left in the tank for the final 30km. Oh man was I glad to have the 19km stretch done and dusted but it had taken my ave down under where I wanted but hey weather and wind is well out of my hands so plugged on waiting to get into some tail wind. Got back around for the final half lap and I was warned by young Keith Gill is was pretty rough on the middle road we use but finally got there with a short 3km section in the ever increasing wind on Forrest hwy I was extremely glad I didn’t have to ride anymore on for the day! But with the wind being a side/head all along back to the original circuit just South of Pinjarra it was a very hard slog to say the least! I finally made it to the turn and with my ave a shade under 38 I wasn’t happy being below my target 39 so gave it everything for the last 8km back into town and scored with a 38.2 ave (by my Garmin) and around 4hrs 12 for the 161km travelled.

All in all a fantastic days outing if you’re into Time Trails I guess haha.
On returning to the car so Ryan and the boys leaving with a wave and was very happy to get off my bike onto my heated leather car seats to soothe my legs and back which surprisingly felt pretty good not to mention reasonably happy with 6th fastest.

Saw everyone else’s results with some top rides by the rest of the SPR crew down so all in all my tale is complete and now one more long run before my taper for Busso Half IM. Although with number 1 son due any day it may not happen so exciting times for my expanding family over the next 3 weeks and some well earned exercise respite 🙂


9 thoughts on “Pinjarra 161km TT Champs”

  1. Awesome effort. I can hardly even think about thinking about doing a 160, let alone think about doing it, or even worse – doing it. Well done to you and the rest of the SPR TT crew out for the day. Some great results at

  2. There is no way i could have faced Forest Hwy another time, you definitely get my kudos. As for the 38km/hr average….holy moly, im definitely impressed.
    Well done.
    And good luck to you and Jody and your new little man. How exciting.

  3. Mate – awesome effort; and this close to Busso as well! Congrats. All the best for getting to Busso; not a bad ‘second’ though if #1 son arrives first!

  4. That’s a mighty fine effort. Dead road along Forrest Hwy. I saw you, Ryan and a few other SPR folk down there. Good luck for Busso(see you there)……and the other ‘milestone’
    I have to say, I only ever hear good stuff about SPR. A solid advertisement for the benefits of riding with a well-organised club.

  5. Nico, great work getting out there and doing 160kms, a potty break is a good sign.. You were doing the right thing with your hydration..

    I hated the 92kms and was nice and ‘raw’ afterwards.. Maybe I should not have chosen the 5+year old tri-suit with no chamois for the day 🙂

    Anyway, new tri-suit in hand, my hydration system sorted, now just have to decided whether to reacquaint myself with Jerry’s 1080 or not. I was not loving it on Sunday, especially when I found out at the end of the ride the brake pad had been rubbing.. Good strength training I have been told.. 🙂

    Hope to see you out there next week Saturday.. If not, welcome to Daddyhood.. Fun times.. 🙂

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