Cyclo Sportif Swan Valley

Well the next BWA Cyclo Sportif for 2012 is only a few of weeks away…whoo hoo!!!  With between 600-800 people taking part it’ll be a great opportunity for those that are interested to fly the SPR flag and simply have FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Here’s the information:

Date: Sunday, 24th June 2012

Location: Venue West Speed Dome, Eddie Barron Drive, Midvale

Distances:  80 km, 64 km and 32km, all following the traditional Swan Valley/Herne Hill circuit.

Start time:  9:00am

Many of you have already indicated your interest in taking part. Thus, we’ll be looking for put together a team or two for both the 80km (30 kms per hr…plus) and 64km (approx 25-28 kms per hr) distance.

This cyclo finishes up with the Track Grand Prix at the Speed Dome so we’ll all get to watch some track cycling for free…whoo hoo!!!

I’ll be registering the teams on Tuesday, 12th June 2012 so if you’re keen to take part indicate so in the comments section below ensuring you record the distance you’d like to give a bash…including those people that have already told me.

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    1. WTF???? HOW has that picture made it on to BWA’s promotion material??? That woz taken yonks ago when some of us girls got together for a girl’s team called “You’ve been CHICKED” .. and every time we passed some boys, we screeched “you’ve been CHICKED”. They didn’t like that much. I’m going to write to BWA requesting royalites ..

      1. Well Lennie a repeat of the good old days can be arranged. We’ll have a team called ‘You’ve been CHICKED’…it’ll just mean that all the boys will need to be cleanly shaven, wear extra tight knicks and have a Lennie led session on how to screech “You’ve been CHICKED”. Could make for a great day out really.

  1. Yep .. 64km at the sedate, watch the view pace ~28km for Developers – “SPR Chasers”. There is a 8km ride to the start and back so all up 80km. The developers have done this before and it really is a lovely ride – well, when it’s not raining. Also there is a $20 discount for Bicycling WA members, however it takes a few days to process your membership so best not to leave to the last day if you are joining to join.

    1. Agreed Carol it’s a lovely ride followed usually by a cooked lunch whilst watching the track racing…all in the entry fee. Team Leader Carol…I’ll do a summary posting next Monday evening on the blog, outlining each of the teams (i.e. those that have registered their interest for each of the distances). Did you want to register on the BWA site the ‘SPR Chasers’ for the 64kms or are you happy for me to do this when I register the other teams? I think the club might end up with 3 teams taking part…whoo hoo!!!

    1. It’ll be great to have you out there with us SPR folk Jeremy. Keep an eye on the blog as early next week there be a posting with further instructions. Great to see you taking the plunge…yabbadabbadoooo!

  2. Hi, new to SPR. Sign me up for the 80km ride, main 2. Preferably with Stephen, Marcel, Graham etc if they still have the space. Thanks


  3. Hey Amanda – I am keen as well but leaning towards a M2 80kms please 🙂 Even though Megs message of a girly 80kms is tempting I think I need a few more Ks under my belt before I can hold on to your M1 pace 😀

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