BWA Swan Valley Cyclo Sportif – A Knockout 5 Teams !!!


G’day SPR Folks

What a fabulous show of hands to take part in the next BWA Cyclo Sportif scheduled for the Sunday, 24th June 2012 in the Swan Valley…whoo hoo!  It’s looking like we have 5 teams to enter with a few places free across the teams should anyone still wish to join us is flying the SPR flag and having some FUN together :-).

I’ve done my best to put the teams together and to nominate Team Leaders (see below) using your comments from the original blog as a guide…fingers crossed I haven’t left anyone off J.  More information on the role of a Team Leader can be found at…just ignore point 1 re: the meeting point.  If anyone is desperately unhappy about the group I’ve slotted you into or being a Team Leader then please let me know.

After a bit of a chat with some of the SPR committee folk I’ve decided to leave the team names as generic ones.  Pete is currently liaising with venue staff to see if we can have a designated area to put up the club tent etc inside the Velodrome.   This is likely to be the meeting point but I’ll keep you posted as to what is confirmed here.


SPR #1 (FULL) SPR #2 (FULL) SPR #3 (FULL) SPR #4 (FULL) SPR #5 SPR #6 (64Km) SPR #7 (64km)
Luke E (TL) Jordan (TL) Amanda (TL) Graham (TL) Jason (TL) John (TL) Carol (TL)
Mike B Alistair Alison Anke Craig Shane Shirley
Jerard Jedd Lennie Ronan Andrew W Shaw Jen
Jonny Stuart Emma Stephen Owen Brian Amanda
Dale Beno Meg Marcel Rosemary Roz Steven B
Matthew S Jeremy Anna Lucas H Tze-quen TBA TBA
Jen S Richard Lorraine Raphael Michelle TBA TBA
Keith Julian Tracey T Jamie TBA TBA TBA
Ben Madsen Simon Kathryn Ben L. TBA TBA TBA

Names in Bold are unregistered as yet.

The teams are now registered on the BWA website.  Thus, I now invite you all to get on and registered under the team names you’re listed in above.  Go to and follow the prompts.  If this can please be done by the COB Friday, 15th June 2012.

Keep your eyes on the blog as I’ll do another posting closer to the event.





58 thoughts on “BWA Swan Valley Cyclo Sportif – A Knockout 5 Teams !!!”

  1. Cheers Amanda. I’ve just joined BWA so will wait day or 2 before my membership number is confirmed so I can register for the event. Looks like I’ll join SPR #4 – Main 2 pace.

  2. Cool, thank you Amanda!
    Team 4 (or any others are welcome too of course) who is keen to do some extra Ks after the usual 7am ride this weekend?

    We can start in the groups we want and re-group at dome to kick on after!

  3. Absolutely fabulous SPR buddies…it’s looking like we only have two free places left now across all 5 team…yabbadabbadoo!!! From people’s comments above this is what I have done…fingers crossed we’re all happy chappies…it’s a bit of a juggling act .
    SPR #1 – 37kms p/h plus (TEAM FULL) – Added Ben (Johnny’s mate)
    SPR #2 – 35kms p/h – Did nothing…only one place left
    SPR #3 – 33kms p/h (TEAM FULL) – Added Tracy T and bumped up Kathryn
    SPR #4 – 30kms p/h (TEAM FULL) – Added Raphael, Jamie and Ben (Jamie’s mate)
    SPR #5 28kms p/h – Added Rosemary and Tze-quen…only one place left now
    You will see that I’ve added the average speed to each of the teams as I guide for people. Remember that is event is a supportive group event with the focus being on simply having fun and enjoying the camaraderie of our SPR mates.

    1. Ben is ‘The’ Ben Madsen. Not sure but I think he does have one other mate in the club too ha ha

      Tracy T is Tracy Trager a friend of Lennie’s who will fit into your girlie group nicely. She has even just bought SPR kit.

    1. Hey Ros, it looks like team 5 is full, Carol is moving over to lead team 6, if you speak to amanda hopefully we can get you into her spot.

  4. Ditto… thanks Amanda. Awesome job coordinating it all. Appreciated.
    And perhaps i can ask all the Team 4’s to email me at so we can start a group & organize ourselves for the day… & of course perfect our strategy to draft behind SPR #1 for the entire ride so we take them on the finish line. 🙂

  5. i have confirmed with track cycling wa and we will have a tent at the velodrome on the day. we will use it as a meeting point and somewhere you can leave stuff while you are out on the bike. i or someone else will be manning the tent for the day.

  6. Hi guys,
    Many apologies but I won’t be able to make the event (nearly said race there….). Sorry!!!

    If anyone wants to take my place in Team #1, go for it! 🙂

  7. Hi Amanda i see you have done a fantastic job and you now have a possible team 6. I don’t my filling into that one if we can get the numbers. Shane.

  8. G’day Guys…I’ve registered a 6th team now…yabbadabbadoo!!! John, Shane, Shaw, Julian + 1 you can now get onto the BWA website using the link about to register. I’ve set this team up for the 64kms…fingers crossed you guys are cool with that. Registrations close this coming Tuesday so you’ll need to do this ASAP. They’re are a few places left within SPR #6 so if anyone else is interested let us know.

    Stay tuned crew as the Social Sub-Committee will be getting together Monday night to organise a carbo-loading night at Tob’s Dome for the eve (Saturday night early evening…we’ll all need out beauty sleep) of the Cyclo Sportif. A blog post with go up on Tuesday…so keep the night free…pretty please :-). It’ll be a great night to eat like Kings and Queens.

    1. Hi amanda, Carol spoke to me today after the morning ride and indicated she wanted to go in team 6. I am happy to take the reins for team 5. cheers

    2. Hi Amanda – can I join team #5 if Carol moves over (but is there room for Roz still?). Else I’d be interested in joining team #6.

  9. HI Amanda,
    I thought team 5 would be a little fast for me so Jason was Ok to take over the team leadership. There are enough for a seventh team – # 7 Chasers… Shirley Jen, Amanda(?), myself and possibly Steve are all Ok to participate. This will leave a spot in team 5 – I’ll ring Bicycling WA tomorrow to see if I can swap out of team 5 – or we do it on the day.
    Ian has indicated he might be interested in team 6.
    Sorry to change this around but felt I would hold up team 5 and there are enough developers for a seventh team.. need to beat CRT with the most teams one of these events!
    Cheers Carol

    1. A SPR Team #7 Carol…that’s brilliant. I’ve tried to alter the table above to feature SPR #7 but it’s looking a little odd. Thus, I’ve asked Jordan B to help me out here :-). I see that you’ve created on team on the BWA website…just need to get those interested to register ASAP as registration close on Tuesday. We’ll discuss the carbo-loading night for the crew tommorrow night at the Social Sub-Committee meeting plus the finer details for the day so a blog can be put up on Tuesday. Thanks Carol for your efforts here!

  10. Hi crew, I’ve checked the BWA registration webpage tonight and notice that there’s a few people that haven’t got on and registered as yet. Registrations close this coming Tuesday so time to be cracking :-). Stay tuned as a new blog with further information on the day (e.g. carbo-loading dinner, meeting point, times etc) will go up Tuesday.

  11. Enjoy the day and have a great ride everyone – but please remember your Meal Voucher for entry into the velodrome.
    Very efficient and ruthless security staff have been employed to ensure NO-ONE gets in without them !!
    (except you Molly) 🙂

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