ride routes 30th june & 1st july

gweneth paltrow wondering why she was getting stuck on the front doing all the work. i think a lot of the guys were having trouble passing her.

a great turn out last week at the cyclo-sportif with seven spr teams participating.  the “spr 1” team had the fastest average at around 40km/hr.  the all girls team put in a great showing as well, putting to shame some of the all guy teams they passed.

the winter solstice was last week so we are through the shortest day of the year.  it will only get better (and wetter) as we head towards spring.  pretty soon we will be chasing the sun again on the earlybird rides.  this weekend is predicted to be great riding weather with not too cold overnight temps and low to mid 20’s during the day.  i expect to see a few more on the bike this weekend.

website relocation – as you may have seen during the week we relocated the website to a different server.  when i originally set up the blog, the traffic was very low and the content was very basic.  over the years it has developed into something that is well and truly out of my area of expertise and i have had to call on some local experts in the club to help out.  we are now running on a more stable server so should see a decrease in downtime.  a big thanks to andrew, scott, michael, daniel and jordan for all their help in getting it set up.

spr survey – the survey will close off on sunday so we can collate the results.  there are already some interesting findings coming out of it and we will also endeavor to answer some of your questions.  you can find the survey here.

tour tipping comp – the tipping comp is up and running and everything is set for saturday evening when the first stage is run.  to make the prologue a bit more exciting, there will also be another prize for the team that guesses closest to the winning time.  a bike fit by PIHC will be the prize.  when you make your selection, put a time next to their name.  for those that have already put their tip in, send me an email and i will update their comment.  if you want to enter the tipping comp, you can find more info here.  the first race tips need to be in by 6pm on saturday.  the comments should close off after that time so that you can’t enter your tip.

spr accessories – the orders are now open for the accessories order.  gloves and booties will be available in spr colours.  keep your fingers and toes warm this winter and get your kit matching for summer.  head over to the team kit page for order details.

pickering brook race – race 2 of the series is on this sunday.  there are quite a few spr riders involved so you won’t be on your own if you want to give it a try.  lots of grades so there is something for everyone.

ride routes – the main route on saturday is not a common one so make sure you know where you are going.  to keep it around the 50km mark, it heads back along stirling hwy.  this is a double lane road with plenty of room for traffic to get around and should be fine as long as you stick together.  if you are uncomfortable with this, then heading home via dalkeith will add another 5kms to the route.  decide as a group which way you want to come home.  sunday we will be avoiding the pickering brook area as the race is being held.

saturday 30th june

ride starts under the narrows (cityside) at 5:30am

early lap – spr earlybird ride

all rides start at coode st carpark at 7:00am

development group – spr saturday 35.48km (novice shelley)

transitional – spr saturday 41.18km (reverse river ride)

fast & main groups – spr saturday 49.92km (morley drive)

saturday hills – spr sunday 90.23km (welshpool & observatory & kalamunda rd)

sunday 1st july

ride starts under the narrows (cityside) at 5:30am

early lap – spr earlybird ride

all rides start at coode st carpark at 7:00am

short – spr sunday 63.49km (gooseberry & kalamuda)

long – spr sunday 100.45km (darlington & mundaring)

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  1. I recall that last time we did this ride we ended up going back via Dalkeith anyway as it was safer… (at least Main2 did)

  2. HUGE thank you to Jonny Keyes for the donation of the PIHC bike fit from his prize hamper. Obviously from the Cyclo photos Lennie the pro doesnt need it either!

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