Ewan Street Bunchie


A few shots from this mornings bunch ride up Ewan Street.

Gerry definitely dragged Finn up the hill.  No doubt.

Jordan blowing spit over the lycra on Ewan Stree kinda captured the moment I think.

11 thoughts on “Ewan Street Bunchie”

  1. I believe I was saying:

    “Why sir, that’s not the most sporting of photo opportunities to take advantage in order to catch a gentleman at his most photogenic!”

    Or words to that effect.

  2. Nice snaps Toby.. How much did Jerry pay you to put up the shots where his wheel was ahead of mine?

    Where are my posing shots? 😉

    I hope you are loving your new toy..

  3. It’s more like a bike length Ryan, but then I eased up a bit at the top otherwise my performance will be labelled as suspicious

  4. glad i wasn’t there for you to point that lens in my face so you could have a good laugh at me coming last as usual.

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