My Next Adventure

I”m one of these people who doesn”t like to stay put in one place too long. And so it is time for my next adventure. In about 5 weeks Jane and I will be moving to KL to experience everything that living in SE Asia has to offer.

In 2006 I returned to Perth after living in Texas for a few years and started cycling with Rob as part of my triathlon training. After a few months I convinced Rob we should start riding with a group to mix it up and keep cycling interesting, so we started cycling with “pre-SPR” in the summer of 2006/2007. This was before SPR even existed, when the only ride was a Saturday morning ride from Bike Force in South Perth. There was no such thing as a fast, main or transitional group – it was one group of 20-30 riders and you tried to hang on from the start and see how long you could stick with them.

Of course since then the formation of SPR has occurred and grown at an amazing rate. I know there has been a lot of people involved over the past few years to online slots help build this club into what it is today, but this has mostly been from the drive and dedication of Pete and Kate. I want to thank you both personally for all the hard work you have put in to allow me to ride, race, socialise and make many good friends through the SPR family.

I also want to thank everyone that I have riden and raced with over the past 5-6 years, I”ve had a fantastic time and have lots of great memories. I”ve especially enjoyed racing and I think it is amazing to see how many people are now racing with the SPR kit.

I don”t know how much cycling I”m going to be able to do in KL, from what I”ve seen and read it is not the safest city to cycle in but hopefully I”ll be able to get out on my bike out of the city from time to time. Maybe it”s time to take up running again. I”ll also be back in Perth every 1-2 months and will try to get out with the group whenever I can.

Once again I want to thank everyone for making cycling and SPR such an enjoyable part of my life 🙂

C”est la vie!

Paul…aka Dropped In Dalkeith (D.I.D)

2011 Giro - Bonassola

17 thoughts on “My Next Adventure”

  1. Mate its been a blast over the last 7 years racing Tri’s and Road, been many a good time had.
    Its great we have a holiday house in KL now 🙂 Sure Jody would love to go over there to visit sometime 🙂
    Good luck to you and Jane with the next chapter, keep in touch hey!

  2. Best wishes Paul. It has been great riding with you, albeit we have not seen you much lately.
    I think you will find that the riding scene is fairly active in KL, and that there is also strong mountain biking activity. In recent Tours of Timor, the Malaysian riders were very very competitive, and quite disctinctive too in their orange and black jerseys.

  3. i’m actually planning a trip back to KL in December over xmas to see the family/in-laws etc.

    might bring my bike along and join you on a group ride!

  4. Penang has a pretty strong bike culture.. You will find peeps riding up to Genting Highlands, Frasers Hill and Cameron Highlands.. steep, much cooler and pretty nice places to go.

    Near the city, get eaten alive by mozzies on a MTB at Mont Kiara or ride late at night on some quiet roads.

  5. definitely sad to see you go mate. some Malaysian bunch is getting a good wheel and a nice guy. definitely have to organise a send off!

  6. Very sad to see you go Paul but all things come to an end. All the best in KL and maybe you’ll be the one dropping other riders there (Dropped by Paul in KL!). We’ll miss you mate.

  7. all the best in KL Paul. just don’t go putting on 12kg with
    all that great food, or welshpool rd will become your Galibier.

    telegraph it next time yr back in town and we’ll organise a catch
    up with all the Willo lads, and might even let Shano come along.


    1. Good luck Paul O….always a smooth and steady wheel when the bunch gets nervous…. Be good to have a beer with you before you depart.

  8. So sorry to see you go but of course wish you and Jane all the best for your new adventure in KL. UCI laps wont be the same without ya! x

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