spr survey results

you may have taken part of the online survey that we posted quite a few weeks ago, and we thank you for your feedback. some of you may be wondering just what we got out of it.  attached are the results for all to see.  as we are using this information to set the vision for the club and focus our efforts on what the members want, it is important that you guys see what everyone is saying.  there are no names on the feedback so all you comments are anonymous.

as usual, there are some extremes in the opinions, but what we were looking for were the consistent themes for us to focus on.  it was clear that a lot of people want us to continue doing what we are doing, but there are also a lot of things we could be doing better.  have a read and we appreciate any further feedback. (the inconsistency in the page numbers was not from us trying to hide certain results, but just taking out blank pages as well as 10 pages of postcodes)


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  1. Great read!! Loved question 5 about sponsorship, some quality answers. For those suggesting we should ride as a team at races, I’ll gladly bury myself for your glory! if you at least pay my entry fee 😀

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