uci masters world champs – finishline

so, unfortunately none of our guys or girls were first across the line, but they all stayed upright (as far as i know)…unlike this poor guy.

11 thoughts on “uci masters world champs – finishline”

  1. LOL haha love his enthusiasm trying to get back on the bike – that reminds me of a certain Tri athlete…. clip back in you dork! Not sure what the rules say but I bet you have to cross the line on the bike – not running next to it??

    1. He dropped his chain in the crash and damaged the derailleur – that’s why nothing happens when he tries to pedal. No time to try to get things working again either. Poor guy had quite a big support crew and he was very embarrassed after the finish; their cheering changed to shouts of anxiety in the blink of an eye.

      I don’t think there are any rules as to how you cross the line with the bike (only that you do).

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