water tower challenge – registrations now open

registrations are now open for the spr water tower challenge.

to register, please go to the event page here, or through the menu above.

imperial century or metric century are available and you must register as a team of three.

get your teams together now.

20 thoughts on “water tower challenge – registrations now open”

  1. I’ve got a team of three but there is a small chance I’ll have to go away for work. If I’m not here can the other two still ride as a duo?

    1. we would prefer a team of three, but things come up and people get sick, so i guess that it is going to happen. however, you must register as a team of three.

  2. I’m looking to be in an imperial team but am a bit out of the loop at the moment. I will be riding on Saturday so can talk to anyone who wants me then 🙂

  3. Looks like a great challenge – and I am itching to do it as I have been cycling solo for a few weeks now.. however will be in Melbourne for a week of birthday celebrations! Next challenge? when is it? what is it? 🙂

  4. Hi All,

    Looking for a team for the metric at about main 3 – main 2 at a stretch – pace. If it helps my case, we got a bronze gnome last weekend!
    Hoping to make this Sat morning rides for main 3 – I’m the bearded guy on a Focus.

  5. I don’t know if its just me being retarded but how to I register to join an exisiting team? What is the user name? The name of the team? I did try that.. and I tried to login as my SPR login..is it the team name? I tried that..HELP ME *falls into confused ball

    1. rozzy, just login (you will need your cycling austr username and password, if you don’t know it, send me an email and i can sent it to you) and put your details in, then at the bottom there will be a “select team” button. you select the existing team from the list and use the password that you would have been sent by the team captain.

  6. super late i know, but i had ses training on sunday that has been moved to saturday so i can now give this a crack 🙂 anyone still looking for a metric team mate? main 1 speed preferably, but happy with anything at this late notice!

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