2012 Volunteer of the Year Award – South Perth City Council

Many of you will know, but equally as many may not, that Peter Mah is the driving force behind what SPR is today; he was the founder of the South Perth Rouleurs in 2009. Starting with just 12 of us at the Coode Street Car Park, over the last 3 years Peter has grown the club to > 300 members. As recently as last week, the club started to run up to 8 different ride groups on a Saturday (a new record) and has run training rides 7 days a week for the past 18 months – not bad considering we started with Saturday (7am only) and Thursday (1 group;  12 people; ALL rolled through!), Peter’s dedication to the growth of cycling in Perth has led many people who have never cycled before to come and try the sport.

From the early days of opening his own home for club breakfasts (often with over 100 people) through to designing and organizing the manufacture of the now highly recognizable club riding kit, while his own modesty will not allow it and he will say “…it takes lots of people to do all the work…”, Peter is the reason for the club’s success.  Peter often sacrifices his own training rides to ensure new riders are part of the group and learn the skills of safe group riding; he sacrifices the opportunity to race so they can be organized; he sacrifices his nights and weekends to ensure the website is updated….. I will stop there or he’ll take this post down for embarrassment.

The South Perth Rouleurs is now an institution recognised nationally and internationally, where visitors from around Australia and the world join the rides when they are in town. This is largely due to our club website (developed and managed by Peter) where there is an active blog, online forums, shop and cycle tipping contests that keep visitors coming back regularly.  Most recently, Peter has introduced to the club the Therapy Focus Group, helping disabled kids to get out and have a go at different activities.

And, as they say, behind every great man, there is a (even greater?) woman. Kate Mah provided many of us with her hospitality in the early days when Pete would invite us all over for breakfast. More often though, she lent us her husband and the father of their two boys, Ben and Dan. It can’t be overstated how grateful we should all be that Kate is so generous…Pete!!

So,our illustrious founder and President is up for the 2012 Volunteer of the Year Award hosted by South Perth City Council. The winner will be announced at a breakfast this Wednesday morning. I’ll let you know…..

Best of luck mate – you deserve it!

17 thoughts on “2012 Volunteer of the Year Award – South Perth City Council”

  1. Foooooor he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good feeeeeeeellow, and so say all of us.
    Good luck Pete.

  2. Ahhh…Bloody Cyclists….first you take over our roads, and now you are taking all our awards as well….I’m off to write a letter to the editor of the Kalamunda times…..

  3. you do a power of work for the club pete, good luck and sit back and enjoy the breakfast….remember you can just turn up, you dont have to plan the route, set up tents, buy ice, pack your car up with coke, unpack your car, record the finish, upload it to the blog….

    1. Agreed 🙂
      What an achievement to see something so small grow into something so highly regarded!! Well done mate, I’ve enjoyed every ride and all the folks I’ve met along the way.

  4. Each SPR ride I turn up to brings a smile to my face, a smile that reflects the ethos of SPR, a credit to one man, well done Peter, good luck & keep up the hard work.

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