Kit orders open at the SPR shop

You can now visit the SPR online shop to purchase your new kit.  See the 2013 SPR Kit section.  Orders close midnight, Saturday 8 December (next Saturday).

If you are ordering triathlon attire, please note the images in the store are the standard Champion System images.  All triathlon attire will come in the SPR brand, similar to the jersey and knicks.


How do I become a member?

Visit our memberships page to join and found out about the range of membership options available


Is there a limit to how many discounted jerseys and knicks I can purchase in this initial order?

No, as long as you are a member you may purchase as many items of kit (for yourself) as you like.


What if my children want to dress up just like their Dad?

We have added a children’s jersey to the list of available jerseys .  Children under 12 years of age don’t have to be an SPR member to wear the SPR jersey…as long as Mum or Dad are.


When will the next kit order occur?

There will be another kit order open in February with delivery in March/April.  The full range of items will be available (and more), but prices will not be discounted.


Remind me, what are the different types of jerseys?

There are three jersey types and a range of jersey cuts. Refer to the sizing charts to see which will fit you best.

Children’s Cut Club Cut (Mens)This cut is more generous fitting jersey being bigger in the arms and chest Race Cut (Mens)This cut is more traditional Euro size cut that is tighter and closer fitting  Womens Cut A ladies specific anatomic cut Elite Cut (Mens)Similar to Race Cut, but tighter fit
Air EdgeStandard jersey – no lycra





Air ProLycra Sleeve



Elite ProFull lycra, won’t last long. Aerodynamic fabric for racing




What if I’m as tall as Greipel or Vansummerren and I would like my knicks a little longer?

It is possible to have your knicks made slightly longer.  After you’ve placed your order, email and we can arrange.


When can I try on the sizing kit?

The sizing kit will be available at Dome this Saturday (8 December) from 7:30am to 10:30am.  This is a bit earlier than last week to assist those members who dedicate Saturday mornings to junior sport.



The Kit Committee

14 thoughts on “Kit orders open at the SPR shop”

    1. You have a choice !

      When you put your order in, you are asked to choose from Weight Rate or Local Pick-up.

      Weight Rate will be an Australia Post bag containing your goodies. Depending on number of items, the price is $10 (1-2), $15 (3-4), $25 (5+).

      Local Pick-up is the free pickup at Dome.

      1. Yes good question Alistair, should have put it in the list!

        Champion System won’t deliver direct to you, but when the kit committee (and friends!) sort all the orders, we will put anyone who requests a posted order into an express post bag and send to you straight away. This option is for those that can’t make it to Dome on Saturday mornings….but given you are now a frequent rider again….you shouldn’t need yours posted!!!

  1. The sizing kit will now be at Dome from 7am to 11am on Saturday morning to assist you in making your kit choice.

    Don’t forget that orders close midnight this Saturday…..

    1. Hi Ali!
      Is it possible to choose zip length? I’d prefer full than half (not that its critical!!) but just wondered if the option was available in the women’s specific pro (lycra sleeve) cut. Cheers tons!

      1. LL – All of the jerseys will come with a full zip.

        Some of the sample kits have a half zip, but we just have these for sizing purposes…and to confuse people…


  2. Short Version:
    What DOME are the kits picked-up from?
    Long Version:
    I’m in Hobart, TAS (where DOME exists outside of WA)
    I like to be a bit different.
    So, I thought I’d stand out from my local yocals, order your team kit, and still “fit in”, all at the same time probably getting a laugh…
    I could just get it delivered, but, I have relatives that live there. So, which DOME do I tell them to go get it for me from? Oh, because they are coming over for Crissy too!
    Cool, huh?!
    Cheers guys/gals-

  3. FYI, for those that can’t make it to the sizing……
    My 12 month old CS Race Cut jersey in size L is a very similar size to the most recent SPR jersey (2012 delivered) in size M.

    1. Funny that. My 30 months old (but worn 6 times) CS Race Jersey in Large is also similar to a Medium SPR jersey.

      But today when I tried at the Dome, the Medium CS Race is closer to the Medium in SPR.

      Oh well… I’m sure there’ll be a few to swap with if I got it wrong.

      Also, to repeat – a big THANK YOU to the kit team for the job done!

  4. The new Kit has certainly created quite a buzz… the most excitement I’ve seen around SPR since Pete renamed Chookenberg to F’enburg! Of course there is bound to be some disquiet… did anyone else notice the number of guys wanting to try of the GIRLS kit for size?! (AND ordering it as well!). Come on guys… give the girls a break. Isn’t the chance to wear lycra in public enough? Mind you… the padding in the girls bib nicks did feel rather comfy… (joking). 😉

    But seriously…. I for one can’t wait till the first lot arrives & we see the sea of green & white for the first time the following Saturday. Bring it on!

  5. Thanks for the effort team 🙂 Was hectic today with everyone wanting to try the kits on, you did a great job.

    I am now a lot poorer than I was 4 hours ago.

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