race 1 – summer criterium series

the first race in the spr/rccc summer criterium series is on this sunday at technology park.  there will be 4 races from d grade through to a grade with series points to be accumulated across all 4 races.  this is a great opportunity for anyone that want to have a go at racing as it is a nice easy circuit with lots of spr support.

however, it is not just about racing, as we have some organising to do as well.  we need to provide people for the following jobs –

  • traffic management x 8 (two per race)
  • tuck shop
  • line judging x 3
  • set-up and pack-up (7:30am & 11:30am)

these races provide one of the clubs sources of income and also are the side of the club that other clubs get to see.  in other words, if we do these right, we get more money as more people will come and race.

costs for racing aren’t high ($10 for spr/rccc and $15 others).  day licences are available.

remember, if you volunteer for traffic management, you can race for free.  just make sure you don’t put your name down for the race directly before yours or there is no time to warm up.

please put your name in the comments if you can help out and what role you can take.

14 thoughts on “race 1 – summer criterium series”

  1. Pete, I wont be racing so i am available all morning to do whatever is needed. I will also be dragging my wife (Fiona) along, so there will also be an extra pair of hands if needed.

  2. I am doing the ATTA but i dont know what my start time is yet. I will come down on my way back to help but cant commit to a time yet. Sorry!

  3. Good luck everyone, I’m heading off camping so will miss the first two. I’ll have a beer or two thinking about everyone up for an early race.

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