SPR Boot Camp – beat the winter blues!

If you’re a Strava user, you may have noticed that El Pres has been slogging it out on the road in a different kind of way lately….yep, he’s been RUNNING! Not only that, the sessions have included a component of “Plyometics” (exercises based around having muscles exert maximum force in as short a time as possible, with the goal of increasing both speed and power).

Anyway, it’s me that’s been “supporting” him in his pursuit of getting “really” fit, not just “cycling” fit; to build “real” strength” and not just “cycling” strength; as well as to ward off those marching kg’s that seem to attach themselves to 40yr old + humans!!

The reality is this: our bodies are “designed” to optimize energy utilization; this means that at some point in time, simply cycling “more” k’s isn’t going to cut it. You either need to “cycle different k’s” (hills; ergo; sprints; etc) or do something different altogether!!

So, Pete had a “great idea”; “….why don’t we offer an SPR ‘Boot Camp’?? That way anyone else who wants to suffer muscle pain & fatigue like this can come along!!”

Would you like to be able to do a chin up? Even just one? What about a “quality” set of push-ups or 3? Single leg squats or inverted rows grab you? How about being able to hold a side-plank for longer than 60 seconds?

Here’s the deal:

Date: Tuesday’s starting 21st May until further notice

Time: 6:00am* – 7:00am

Location: Ryrie Street Reserve, Como (Cnr Ryrie Ave and Throssel St)

*Optional ‘Warm Up’: 5k Run @ 5:20am (5:10 p/km pace)

The Boot Camp will be in the form of a station based circuit consisting entirely of body weight resistance work (no kettle bells; balls; weights). We use gravity & physics to make it easier/harder. This also means there is NO limitation to your starting level of strength or fitness. You just do the activity at the level you can and then progress from there.

There is no cost to attend. You workout at your own risk and within your own capability (ie: there is no “PT” there telling you to “C’mon – push it harder!!” – what you get out of it will be up to you).

More details to come later (once I get Busselton out of the way) but if you think you might turn up, please add a comment below so we can gauge interest.

15 thoughts on “SPR Boot Camp – beat the winter blues!”

  1. I’m keen too – close to my house (though Pete can just roll out of bed)…
    No other lads keen to mix it up?

    Might just be El Pres and Rob 🙂 amongst the ladies….

  2. Nice work kids. I wouldn’t mind doing some of these as I get back into normality after my less than gracefull crash.

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