busso half ironman – spr results

just had a wander through the busso results and pulled out some of the spr people (current & past).

rachael had a blistering race and beat in all the women pro’s.  ryan had an great ride with the 4th fastest in his category. i just like to note that rob was chicked by both anna and kizzi on the bike….


Pos Cat Pos Race No Name Time Category Gender Gen Pos Swim Cycle Run
34 1 52 Rachael SMITH 4:17:53 Open Female 1 0:30:51 2:17:56 1:25:38
120 21 295 Ryan FYNN 4:34:23 35-39 Male 111 0:38:40 2:15:59 1:34:25
279 42 1550 Rob RAMSDEN 4:52:52 40-44 Male 250 0:33:35 2:33:39 1:41:02
331 5 687 Anna MASSEY 4:56:47 30-34 Female 35 0:37:16 2:30:49 1:42:49
387 35 105 Christopher CURNOW 5:01:02 25-29 Male 345 0:29:53 2:30:22 1:55:16
443 11 693 Kizzi NEALE 5:05:41 30-34 Female 51 0:37:04 2:30:18 1:53:34
533 11 850 Hendrika ERASMUS 5:13:04 25-29 Female 62 0:33:18 2:36:43 1:58:03
1106 149 383 Antonio PEREZ 5:54:55 35-39 Male 869 0:39:59 3:06:55 1:57:58
1112 74 1088 Declan COUGHLAN 5:55:24 50-54 Male 873 0:44:18 2:47:31 2:15:28

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  1. Congratulations to all those SPR folk that competed. I’m sure you’re all stoked to have done well in what only can be described as an ‘epic’ event. Surely some of you would be considering joining Kizzi in the ‘Ironman’ event later this year with such results. KUDOS!!!

  2. I just want to thank everyone so much for their support. Being part of SPR, with such great people, makes getting up at 5am just that little less painful!
    I’m now retiring.

    1. Anna you looked amazing and it was lovely to run into you after your ride 🙂 you had such a great race!!

      You have inspired me to do one – Hamish said I could buy a fancy bike like yours 😉

      Some fantastic times up there team SPR – thanks for the shout outs as I rode by – Ryan – great time overall too.

      It was great to see a lot of SPR team mates flying the flag on the weekend


  3. I’m impressed (nay amazed) at the results – wow some of you bunred up the course. Well done to all. I also pleased (relieved) to say that I managed to finish as well (and yes also got ‘chicked’). The agony and the ecstasy…Ian Jones

    1. ..and yes I am also doing the full IM in December …the logic of registering for double the 70.3 distance escapes me at the present time but let me know if you want some training buddies…

  4. Great results everyone. Inspiring stuff.
    FYI, Dean Shipp was a regular with us not too long ago – not sure if he’s a member of the club. He finished 8th in his category with a time of 4:26:58.

  5. Along with Anna, i would also like to thank everyone for their support. There were quite a few SPR colours floating around the course over the weekend, both individual and teams, which was really great to see. Anna it was great to have a racing buddy – thank you.

  6. A few of us flew the SPR flag on the cycle leg of the teams event. Jerry blitzed the field, averaging almost 40 km/hr for the 90 km in blustery conditions, Mike B managed to obey the road rules this year & did well despite being unwell, Ben & I also had good rides. Richard unfortunately had to pull out at the last minute because of a family illness. There were a few other SPR uniforms on the circuit, didn’t know their names.
    First time for me down to Busselton, it was an amazing event, very well organised.
    Kudos to all who participated, especially the individual participants.

    1. And for the record, Michelle B did a PB and broke through the 3 hour barrier (using my wheels) – one of the few to do a better time in the wind than last year. (another step closer to a TT bike).

  7. Thanks Pete, Rachel did an awesome job.. I can’t use my age as an excuse for getting slower, if she is smashing everyone else at my age.. Well done Anna shaving 25minutes from her time last year, at that rate, Rach better watch out 😉 Great work on the bike Kizzi, Shiv’s are the biz, not sure if it was a PB for you or not.. Great work Rob, breaking the 5hr barrier.. Will have to pick up the bike speed though, can’t be letting the chicks beat you on the bike 🙂 Great work to the others out there in teams and going solo.. Declan, how many halves have you done now? Must be around the 10 mark?

    Was I happy with my race? Hmm, I did a few things wrong.. First thing, I was 5 minutes late for my wave (busy watching the sunrise on the adjacent beach and waiting for the fanfare when the pros left.. There was no fanfare and I only realised I was late when I heard the ladies being called to the start.. WTF, no ladies go before my wave..).. Hey ho, after a bow and a wave to the crowd, I was off chasing my group with one other fella.. Did well swimming out, then was using the wrong building for navigation on the way back in and was told by the lifeguards in an inflatable boat that I was swimming off course.. then the familair calf cramping arrived, oh dear, not my day for breaking my PB.. Aim?? To have a good run..

    So, tried to save the legs a little in the ride so they were freshish for the run… Well, fat chance, quads cramping from the get go.. Maybe I needed to consume more than half a bidon of water on the bike even though it was an overcast day?? On the plus side, my run was better than last year.. If what should have been a 30min swim had not turned into a 38m plus swim, I would have had a time closer to where I wanted to be… Maybe next year I will get my sh*t together (probably not).. I suspect a few more SPR folk will be out there too..

    Now to start riding the Dogma again.. 🙂

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