Tour of Margaret River 2013

Update: We have 6 Teams registered, the addition of another team means we will need a couple of additional days to finalise the rosters.


Hello All,

The Tour of Margaret River  is set for November and is a rare chance (in WA) to participate in a stage race, run November 8 – 10 and including a range of different disciplines it should be fun

  • 25k TTT
  • 25k Road Race
  • 30k Kermesse
  • 75k Road Race

There are five categories to choose from in which there will be teams of 6 riders;

  1. Category 1  
    1. Entered teams to consist of a mixture of A and B grade riders.
  2. Category 2  
    1. Entered teams to consist of a mix of B grade, C grade, Elite Female and Elite Masters.
  3. Category 3   
    1. Entered teams to consist of predominately C-grade riders and female riders.
  4. Category 4   
    1. Entered teams to consist of riders who do not normally race including Females.
  5. Category 5   
    1. Teams consisting of all female riders.

Entries open July 1 and we would love to enter a number of teams across the various categories, the experience you gain in the lead-up and over the four days will greatly assist your riding and racing, please note;

  • This is a competitive event, team members and grade entry will be decided by the race committee with a view to best possible performance.
  • It is pay as you go, we will work to find accommodation for everyone at the best price but the cost of food, entry and accommodation is yours to cover.
  • If you nominate yourself please consider the small size of the teams and effect you will have if you pull out, do not place your name below unless you are willing to commit to training, attendance and best possible performance over the four days.
  • We will arrange for training advice and group sessions for the teams

Please carefully consider the information above and if you are still  interested please place your name and preferred grade below before 27 June.

Cat 1

Cat 2

Cat 3

Cat 4

Cat 5 (w)

Jason Ng

Simon Millichip

Anna Kate

Richard Langsford

Liam Walker

Alison Ramm

Jerard Ghossein

Jordan Brock

Amanda Nabi

Ryan Fynn

Jason Gordon

Anna Schwartz

Carlos De Oliveria

Alistair Dickinson

Meg Thomas

Tom Barratt

Andy Prosser

Andrew Williams


Andrew Ballam

Brian Saunders

Dale Groves

Dave Manners

Mart Tancell

Matthew Wardynec

Greg Murray

John Gilbertson

Paul Bakker

Chris Lilley

Jim Flynn

Phil Davidson


100 thoughts on “Tour of Margaret River 2013”

  1. This looks fun. I’m a yes. Category 5 for me i guess, depending on if the organisers are assuming this will be the slowest group, in which case i’d probably go 3 or 4.

    1. I’ll have what she’s having….that is happy for group 5, 4 or 3….
      I no longer understand the grading system now RyanPatrick claims to be a group 3 starter…

    1. ….ummmm, i think the race committee will be happy with me responding to this one without discussion….no

      Cat 2 MINIMUM

          1. Umm, I believe this will not be SPR race committee but the organisers.. Reading the different categories, I definitely should be in Cat 4:

            Category 4
            a.Entered teams to consist of riders who do not normally race including Females.

            I do not normally race and get called a princess regularly..

        1. Race Committee is;

          Luke Ellis
          Andrew Ballam
          Heiko Potzeldt
          Stuart Irvins
          Amanda Nabi
          Emma Goodwin
          Mr Mike Bonner

      1. Sh*t, just spotted that myself.. They put it right down the bottom..
        Hmm, I will keep my current training schedule in place then… Saturday morning ride (although drive to the ride, don’t want to wear the legs down beforehand), and commute 2 * a week.. More than enough.. 🙂

  2. Very keen. Cat 2 for me. Need to have some to aim for. 🙂
    Besides, this looks like fun*

    * “fun” is subjective and in this case may involve lots of pain. You can only die once right?

  3. Amanda and I are keen!

    I’d like to apply to the race committee to ride Cat 2. Amanda has a preference for Cat 5, failing that, Cat 3 or possibly Cat 2. (She clearly isn’t fussy, which would seem obvious when you consider that she is with me!! :-))

  4. I would be interested in Cat 4 or 3 so long as I give it some serious focus (have finished uni so have time for more focus on cycling now). If not would do team support?

    1. Thats the organisers wish list, not a list of registered teams. we will aim to participate in each category should the club show enough interest.

      6 riders per team.

      1. No, I was seeking clarification as to whether there is indeed a Dome team which is different to SPR..
        Judging from the names of the people on the list, I would hazard a guess that there is indeed a Dome Team..

        I changed my mind, please lock me into the Cat 1 so I can spank the Dome team…


        1. Umm.. No, I have already done my time on the SPR committee.. Long before you newbies came along..
          But you all do such a great job..
          Two thumbs up..

  5. Hi Luke, If it isn’t a problem that my name does not start with an A, i think i would like to give the Cat 5 a go….

  6. Yes please – very comfortable with category 3, but happy to be stretched and ride category 2 if that works better (provided I know early, so i can train accordingly).

  7. I’d love to race. Cat 1 for a challenge, but 2 is fine. I’m planning on joining the club before the Collie Donnybrook, but at the moment I just ride with SPR occasionally, freeloading.

    1. Hi Luke,

      you’ll need to join the club before you’ll be considered for this… you’ve still got a couple of days to get it done.

    2. Also, assuming you join the club, ive not ridden with you and there isnt much time left, can you make this thurs AM fast group?

      1. Didn’t pick you out this morning until we were already rolling. I am very interested in this event. What do you need me to do?

        1. I hear there was some sliding into the corner at Port Beach this morning?? Lucky bike all good and only some posseur skin lost.. You could have said hi to him at Raffles?? I am sure they all paused for a bit before heading off on their merry way (unless Luke E went to do Pappas as well.. I heard it is what the hardcore fellas do??)..

          Luke, come ride on a Saturday and say hi to Luke.. Much easier to see who is who (it is light)… Chat/flex one’s glutes at required pinch points.. 🙂

          1. Luke E went to do Papas as per usual.

            Jarrad sliding into Port Beach showing everyone else how to save the bike (instead of skin) when sliding out. Wrecked bibs and booties = good excuse to do some shopping!

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