LiveLighter Dardanup Tour

The fantastic racing opportunities keep on coming! Today’s competitors at Pickering Brook #3 have not even got their breath back yet and it’s time to start planning for the LiveLighter Dardanup Tour!!  SPR has produced some great results in this event in recent years so we would love to see a big contingent there again.  You never know, you may find yourself going home with a Golden Gnome…it’s not as embarrassing as Toby makes it look in the photo! 🙂

Toby's Gnome

The LiveLighter Dardanup Tour is a great event put on by our friends at the South West Cycle Club which this year will be run on Sunday September 8th.  This event takes a little bit more planning ahead because there is a teams component…but fear not, your selfless and hard working Race Sub-Committee will take care of organising this.  First we need to know who is wanting to race.  Have a look at the event details on the flyer here then let us know if you are in and what your preferred race category will be by leaving a comment below.

You must let us know your intention to race before the end of the day next Saturday, August 31st. 

The Race Sub-Committee will then sort out teams and let you know what team you have been allocated to so that you can register via the Cycling WA website.  We may well end up with multiple teams in some categories.

This is an ideal preparation event for the Tour of Margaret River so if you have secured a place to race in  November consider this event pretty much compulsory!


Lists are now closed so if you are absolutely desperate to race but haven’t yet let us know please contact me directly rather than leaving a comment below.

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  1. Unfortunately I will still be in Indonesia recovering from the Tour de East Java – otherwise I would be out hunting for gnomes for sure! Good luck to all racing!

  2. Do we have to register ourselves or will the kind, talented and remarkably good looking Race committee do that based on our allocated teams?

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