The 2nd Annual SPR Good Friday Three Dams Ride

Every great tradition has to start somewhere.  Last Good Friday, a group of intrepid SPR riders set off at 6am in magnificent weather to complete the Three Dams course, as part of 5 dams training.  Such was the enjoyment of this ride that, despite the dams ride being done and dusted for 2014, the 2nd Annual SPR Good Friday Three Dams Ride, will now be held.  All those interested are to meet at the car park at 6am this Friday.  Please bring necessary sustenance for the ride and be aware that there will be limited stops due to not much being open (there will be short re-groups at the end of the climbs).  We can get water at Pickering Brook and we’ll stop at ~110 km in Armadale (petrol station only).  Looking forward to seeing you out there.

12 thoughts on “The 2nd Annual SPR Good Friday Three Dams Ride”

  1. I’d like to tag along please (from Coode St.).

    Have to be back home a little earlier (than the 146km might allow), so will skip the delights of the Wungong Dam and Banjup by coming down Albany Hway or Brookton Hway depending on time. So 2 dams for me.

    Course info is here or downloadable here.

  2. That would be Patrick the D Grade Smasher right ? The man who rode Gidge almost as fast as the fastest Open Men’s lap ( admittedly not quite as far).

    I’m pretty sure I’ll be there.

  3. Julian has, under the pretext of modesty, incorrectly named this ride. It’s true name is “The 2nd Annual Good Friday VICE PRESIDENT’S 3 dams ride!
    I’ll be there. Last year was one of my top five rides ever.
    Canning Dam KOM – “oh yes… she will be mine!”

    1. OK… very funny flynnster…
      Should be back around 11-11.30 depending on the group. We may break into smaller groups depending on numbers.

  4. Well done, V.P. A ride worthy of the title – and the man. More seriously, it was a very enjoyable way to put a lot of kilometres and elevation gain (and fall) into the legs. Thanks to all concerned.

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