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Following on from the recent incidents involving SPR members Mike and Davina (see post) ,the committee has agreed to open a donations page for those who wish to contribute to the recovery of both riders.   A link has been set up on the club homepage (see right hand side above the posts list.  It will remain open for the next 2 weeks.

For those who have not heard, Mike’s operation went well and he’s now back home commencing his recovery period

2 thoughts on “Club Donations”

  1. I probably should have commented here instead of on the Ride post, sorry!

    Anyway, as a lawyer that deals with these sorts of things I’m happy to donate some of my time to Davina and Michael for an informal chat if they’re looking for help.

  2. I am happy to share what I have learned from my own car/cycling accident on 22/03/2014 (Robson/Hennessy Canning Hwy) to those who have recently had accidents about the ICWA process, Solicitor / Barrister selection, WA Police process/interaction, CA Insurance bike and income claims, Magistrates Court Summons, Physios and Orthopaedic surgeons. I stress that I am not a lawyer/solicitor, but believe I can provide some useful insights into the pitfalls/process that may be helpful to those who have had a serious accident involving an ICWA claim. Please contact me on 0401 279 839 if you want to talk over a coffee. I started my own rehab riding/comeback as of 1/01/15 under the supervision of my orthopedic surgeon/physio. During my own rehab over the past 9 months, the club has been enormously supportive for which I am eternally grateful. Get well soon…..

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