ride routes 14th & 15th february

spr parkingthere is no better way to show someone you love them than by bringing them along to a group ride this saturday.  bring your better half along and then ride with them in their nominated group.  stop for a romantic breakfast at dome westralia plaza then go see the giants walk through the city.  i am sure it sound so much better than what you already had planned.  roses die and chocolates make you fat, but good cardio vascular fitness is the gift that keeps on giving.

ride leaders – support the club and help us become ambassadors for the sport in the public eye. put your name down as ride leader to ensure that the group ride is safe and organised. sign up here.

New Town Toyota FEELING Logo Regular CMYK with emblemride leaders sponsorship – this months ride leaders are proudly sponsored by New Town Toyota.   please see the previous post detailing what they provide and we thank them for encouraging our members to step up as ride leaders.  ride leaders will receive a $10 Dome voucher to be used after the saturday ride.  if you have a business that you want to promote to our members, check out the previous post to both promote your business and help out the club.

renae’s race – this weekend in conjunction with rccc we will be presenting renae’s race at tech park.  this race showcases women’s races with the final race of the day being reserved for the a grade women.  see the post for more details.  registrations close on friday.

pemberton classic – more racing at the end of the month with the pemberton classic.  consisting of a crit and a road race, there is always a decent contingent heading down south for this race.  unfortunately the fires down there have cancelled the mountain bike race, but the road race is still on.  check the previous post for more details.

spr club champion – keep an eye out for more details, but we will soon be explaining how our club champion points will work this year.  there will be a series of races identified and points will be accumulated through out the year.  the key is consistency and gaining points at more events will be better than just having one good race.  the first event is pemberton, so get on it.

uwct training ride – this will now be a regular fixture on our sunday mornings until the event at the end of march.  starting at 6am to avoid the traffic, this is a ride for those intending to do the uwct qualifier.  this is a ride for experienced hills riders, the pace is fast and the hills are long.  if you are thinking of doing the uwct event, but are not at the sunday long hills ride pace yet, i would recommend that you start with the sunday short hills ride first.  more info can be found on the previous post.

ride routes – the giants are in town this weekend and there will be a number of road closures.  we will avoid the area as much as possible, but the trannies will still need to head along riverside drive.  the road will not be closed, but just be aware of traffic and pedestrians that cross the road without looking.

saturday 14th february

ride starts under the narrows (cityside) at 5:30am

early lap – earlybird 40.93km spr special

all rides start at coode st carpark at 7:00am

development group – novice shelley 36.06km spr saturday

transitional –trans mosman 40.39km spr saturday

fast & main groups – shelley & mosman 50.14km spr saturday

sunday 15th february

ride starts under the narrows (cityside) at 5:30am

early lap – earlybird 40.93km spr special

ride starts at coode st carpark at 6:00am

uwct training – uwct training 107.2km spr sunday

beginner dams training – picker +

all rides start at coode st carpark at 7:00am

short – khna weir 72.23km spr sunday

long – khna trnr obs 94.99km spr sunday