SPR Road Race Champion Series

The APRC, in conjunction with the SPR committee, has developed a new initiative for 2015. The intention is to encourage more of our riders to race regularly and develop a way to formally recognise outstanding achievement within our club.

As with most things, there are rules

Rule 1: Most points over the year wins the club championship.

Rule 2: Points are awarded for overall results in the nominated races, with a loading for each grade.

Riders get 10 points for 1st place in a race down to 1 point for 10th. This is multiplied by a grade loading that is x2 for b grade and x3 for a grade. Therefore, 1st place in c grade gets 10 points, 1st b grade gets 20 and 1st a grade gets 30.

D grade riders are not forgotten. They will get 5 points for a win, down to 1 point for 5th.

We hope that this system will enable all racers in the club will be in contention, regardless of their grade.

Rule 3 – There is no sandbagging. Cycling WA is watching!

Rule 4 – There will be 2 competitions for both men and women. One for all SPR members and one for members racing in club kit.

Rule 5 – The following 7 races will count for the club championship. Others may be added should they be scheduled. No handicaps.

  • Pemberton Classic Road Race
  • Midland 100
  • Tom Lowry Memorial Race
  • All 3 Pickering Brook Road Races (not TT)
  • Pinjarra Classic

Results will be published on the website after each race.

Good luck and happy racing everyone!