3rd Annual Vice President’s Ride – Good Friday

As has been mentioned on the ride routes summary, the 3rd Annual Vice President’s Ride will take place on Good Friday, starting at 6 am from the car park.  The ride follows the three dams route, although there will be no bananas and bad cover bands at the dam stops.  This ride was originally organised as a 5 dams training ride in 2013, with a few hardy souls heading out.  The numbers jumped to about 40 last year and so the tradition was started.  The pace is roughly Main 1 and there are re-groups at the end of climbs.  The pace will be monitored and slowed accordingly if some riders get a bit frisky, but re-groups will be reasonably short.  Being Good Friday, there will not be much open.  We’ll stop in Pickering Brook for water only and again in Armadale at a petrol station so those who want can get some food.  This year I am requesting that ALL riders come dressed in SPR kit (mixing and matching is encouraged!!).  I understand this will be difficult to police but it is a club ride and as such club kit is preferred.  I look forward to seeing a good group ready to go at the car park on Friday morning.

12 thoughts on “3rd Annual Vice President’s Ride – Good Friday”

  1. Hi Julian I am a member as are a few friends of mine but don’t have SPR kit for various reasons. Does this discount those that are but don’t have kit for this particular ride. Having been on many SPR rides where less than 50% of riders have the kit it seems odd that this ride would require club colours for the ride.

    1. Hi Kevin, we’re not going to turn anyone away on the ride. Given that the new kit has just arrived I thought it would be good to get everyone out in club colours for the occasion. Cheers, Julian

  2. I’m also keen to come along but I’m not sure if I can hold the M1 pace for the whole ride. Happy to join someone willing to form a second group if we are holding up the group!

  3. Yep, there will definitely be a Main 2 paced ride which will leave at the same time. I think the current plan is to leave with the group and decide to split at the first regroup point. Discussion is on the SPR chicks facebook page, I’ll make sure they update plans on the blog as well.

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