Tom Lowry Race Report

Sarah Smith has kindly written a race report from the Tom Lowry Road race. Lorna Henson and her worked really well in B grade and came away with great results. C grade men also did really well with Ben Jackson and Craig James on the podium. Paul George and Troy Blizard were also top ten earning valuable Club Champ points. Their combined performance  won the Team competition in C grade. Patrick Saccani-Williams netted one of his best results to get 5th in B grade. Lets not forget Stephanie Lim who won womens C grade in her first ever road race!

The Club Championship Leader-board has been updated and the next race for this are the Pickering Brook Series. The first is on Sunday 24 May. These races are usually limited to a total of 200 riders accross all grades, so when entries open… don’t delay!


Seven women took to the B grade start line on Sunday morning at Collie Motorplex for the Tom Lowry Memorial road race.  Lorna Henson and I were both representing SPR, with the others in riding for five different clubs from across the state.
It was cold and threatening rain as we set off on the 60km route.  After a fairly processional lap of the motorplex circuit, we left the complex and hit the road. I launched an attack straightaway, which set the tone for the next 20km.  As the road began to undulate, Lorna and I tried multiple times to get a solo break, but nothing stuck.  The fast pace and bursts of acceleration began to take their toll, as we lost a rider off the back.
Lorna attacked again at the bottom of a steepish slope with me at second wheel. Even though this hadn’t been pre-planned, I saw a great opportunity to help her make it stick and, instead of continuing to follow her wheel, I deliberately slowed down and controlled the pace to give Lorna time to get a good break.  It took the others a while to realise what I was doing, by which time Lorna was well away and powering to the top of the hill.  The others made a few attempts to chase, but didn’t really seem keen to work together to bring Lorna back – and I certainly wasn’t going to help!
With my teammate up the road, I sat at the back of the bunch.  We passed Lorna on the way to the turnaround point at 30km.  She was already nearly 1km ahead, and only continued to extend her lead heading back to the motorplex. A great win for her – a 40km solo break on such an undulating course is immense.
Back in the bunch:  There were a few digs on the return leg, stretching the group out but it always came back together. My thoughts turned to the end of the race with a bunch sprint seeming inevitable.  At 10km out it began to rain. I switched to my small chainring and increased my cadence to keep my legs warm and ready for sprint action. 
As we approached the turn into the motorplex, I moved up into third wheel.  Through a chicane and around a corner into a headwind, I was now second wheel.  I jumped at about 200m, quickly opening up a gap to the rest of the bunch and took second overall. So a great race for the SPR Chicks, securing the 1 – 2.
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2015-05-03 14.57.57

4 thoughts on “Tom Lowry Race Report”

  1. It was tough, with only a couple of us setting the pace. I take away so much from each race and still learning, nice write up Sarah and congrats to you on your podium.

  2. Dave has been a bit generous with the truth! I was the only women riding D grade open and so therefore was the first woman across the line. Ladies, you too can experience this kind of success by giving it a red hot go!

    1. It’ll be our little secret! You were the first woman who registered in C grade to cross the line. Therefore, you’ve just won your first race!

  3. Great write up Sarah. You were the perfect teamie on the day resisting the urge to follow Lorna up the road which ultimately gave her the chance to make her break stick. It was great to see your efforts rewarded with a podium finish. You both did yourselves, each other and the club proud.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of racing Stephanie. Congratulations on your efforts!

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