SPR – Free ‘Race Buddy’ Program sign up this Saturday!

Dog hill July 14

Come down to the DOME after the Saturday ride, enjoy the quarterly breakfast and sign up for the SPR Race Buddy Program!

If you have experience in racing (no matter what level or genre), why not become a race buddy? Share your knowledge with people who don’t know what to expect, have questions or would like some guidance.

Even if you are just a little bit race curious, come and mingle with our SPR racers to talk candidly about racing in general, your concerns, or specific questions.

If you can’t make it down on Saturday and would like a buddy or to be a buddy, then register asap in the comments or via email; development@southperthrouleurs.com.au

Photo by:  Belinda Evans

5 thoughts on “SPR – Free ‘Race Buddy’ Program sign up this Saturday!”

  1. I’m keen to mentor one of our up and coming racers! Come on A and B graders, both boys and girls… let’s get behind this great initiative to encourage more racing within our fantastic club.

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