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Important kit bits…

Closing date brought forward

The next club kit order is going to close early so that we can take delivery of kit in January. The new closing date is December 13th, so if you need some new pieces of kit get onto it…orders can be placed through the club kit page.


Socks have arrived, so if you were missing them from your last order you can grab them from me at the Dome after Saturday’s ride. Alternatively contact me on to arrange collection. I’ll also have the uncollected kit from the last two orders with me so if you haven’t yet collected this is your bonus chance.

New jersey options

If you go to the bottom of the kit order page you’ll see that there are two new jersey styles available. For summer racing we have added the SPR Elite Aero Jersey. This is the same cut as the Elite Cut jersey, but is made with lighter weight materials and is very aero!

We have also added the SPR Summer Protector Race Fit Jersey. This is made of the same light weight Air-Dot material as the Elite and Race options, but as its name suggests it is long sleeve to help protect you from those nasty UV rays. This is also a great jersey for those cooler spring and autumn mornings where you just want to keep the chill off your arms but don’t want to end up cooking in a winter jersey.

4 thoughts on “Important kit bits…”

  1. What is the difference in jersey cut styles, i.e. race cut / pro race cut etc?
    There are no details in terms of measurements, lengths etc, and the pictures are just to show the pattern, not the style and they are all the same.
    My main interest is whether there is a difference in length of the jersey.

    1. Hi Eamon

      The essential difference between the Race cut and the Elite cuts is the amount of material in the front of the jersey. The Race cut has more room in the front and is therefore a little more forgiving. The Race cut is better suited to a ‘club’ rider whilst the Elite cuts suit a fit competitive cyclist not carrying any additional weight.

      There is virtually no difference in the torso length of the jerseys. The Elite cuts may appear shorter if they have to go over a bit of a stomach, but that is just because there is less material in the front. 😉

      Hope this helps…


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