SPR Quarterly Breakfast and Christmas Ride

So the Christmas festive is just around in the corner… what an exciting time ahead!

Leading up to your break, we will have our quarterly breakfast and Christmas Ride next Saturday. Note the details:

Date: Saturday 19 Dec 2015

Time: from 8:45AM

Where: Dome Westralia Plaza

Cost: $15 per person (it will get you a hot drink and access to the SPR Dome breakfast)

Many things will be covered on this day. Make sure you are there!

During the breakfast, we will cover:

  1. Few words from the club president
  2. Club Awards for 2015
  3. SPR Road Race Club Championship
  4. Presidential awards for service to the club (this is new!)

Also, don’t forget that there are also prizes for the best dressed/decorated bicycle.

Please RSVP to the breakfast in the comments section below so that no one goes hungry!

SPR social committee (Laurensia, Belinda, Amanda, Carol, Graham and Heiko)

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