2016 SPR Road Race Championship – Races and Rules

SPR tries to cater for all types of bike riders, but we have a strong desire to support those who want to race, especially on the road.

The SPR Road Race Championships aims to celebrate and acknowledge consistency and excellence over the road race season. The format will be similar to last year and the soon to be completed 15/16 Crit Champs, with a few minor changes.

The races included in this years (and pretty much all subsequent years) SPR Road Race Championship will be:

  • Pemberton Classic Road Race (6/3/16)
  • Midland 100 (10/4/16)
  • Tom Lowry Memorial Road Race (7/5/16)
  • Pickering Brook Series Road Races (22/5/16, 19/6/16, 28/8/16)
  •  Pinjarra Classic (18/9/16)
  • State Champs/ Wellington Dam Classic (25/9/16)

Races may be included or removed at the discretion of the APRC.

Similar to the crit champs, total points will be determined by the best 5 performances across the entire season. That way if you are ill, traveling, working or just missed the break, it won’t count for the total.

The points structure will also change slightly. We intend to reward those club members who step up and race in higher grades wearing our white and green.

A grade – 1st through 15th place will be awarded 30 through 16 points.

B grade – 1st through 10th place will be awarded 15 through 6 points.

C grade – 1st through 5th place will be awarded 5 through 1 point(s)

Therefore, if you come 4th in A grade, B grade or C grade you will get 27, 12 or 2 points respectively.

Again, there will be two competitions for both men and women. One for the best club member overall and another for racers who race in club kit. This is somewhat of an honesty system. If the APRC emails you asking if you were wearing club kit, a simple yes/no is all that is needed.