Club sub-committees being formalised!

Sub-committees for the club are now being formalised.

Sub-committees being formed are for:

  • Race
  • Training and Development
  • Kit
  • Social

If you’re interested in being part of one or more of the                         sub-committees…even if you’ve indicated previously then please contact the relevant Committee Member within the newly endorsed Club Committee for 2016 list below:

  • President – Peter Mah
  • Vice President – Julian Johnson
  • Treasurer – Daniel Harvey
  • Secretary – Amanda Nabi
  • Race Delegate – Luke Dawson
  • Training and Development Delegate – Leigh Outschoorn
  • Kit Delegate – Andrew Ballam
  • Social Delegate – Laurensia Rosana
  • Website – Jordan Brock
  • General – Heiko Potzeldt
  • General – Rob Ramsden

5 thoughts on “Club sub-committees being formalised!”

  1. Hi Amanda,

    It it would be worthwhile SPR establishing a separate Safety Sub Committee as well. It is a broad and general focus that we have on safety at present that in my view needs a formal forum for more structured management of safety in all our riding activities. There needs to be more of a focus on accident prevention and the ideal of a “Zero Harm” type ethos. This has been discussed by me in writing with Pete and Leigh recently and needs further consideration. Hope this helps.

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