SPR Ladies bike balance and skills session


For any SPR women that would like to improve their skills in the more advanced aspects of group riding, one of our more accomplished members, Davina Summers, will be running a session next Saturday.

Sat 23rd 11.30am (allow around 2 hours). If it goes well, and there is sufficient interest, there will likely be a follow-up session a couple of weeks later.

Limited places, priority to SPR members.

Cost: $15 cash (bring on the day).

Final location still to be determined, but likely an oval in Balcatta (10km north up the freeway). Location will be confirmed on Wednesday.

If raining, it will be re-scheduled to a following Saturday in consultation with attendees.

If there is a male rider that specifically wants to attend, please email to discuss.

The session plans to cover:

  • Close riding/bumping
  • Wheel touching
  • ‘curb’ jumping
  • General balance on the bike
  • (it will be on grass).

Happy to answer any other technique based or racing questions that the group has.

What to bring:

  • Full bike gear (like you were going for a club ride), cycling shoes, helmet, gloves, glasses
  • 2x full waterbottles, 2-4 empty bottles (old ones or broken ones are better than your good ones, depending on how many you have)
  • Please eat lunch before arriving and bring a snack for the end of the session
  • Smile and a can-do supportive attitude
  • Have a good night’s sleep on Friday night.

To confirm your attendance:

Email Davina on davina.summers@live.com your interest for a place, please include your full name, mobile number and a brief paragraph on your riding history. If you have any particular concerns or thing that you would like help with, include these here and the session can be tailored to maximise the benefits for all attendees.

Davina has been a member of SPR since the club’s inauguration in 2009.

She has spent quite a few years racing overseas in Europe, North America, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. She has attended National Training camps, and raced with the Australian National Women’s Road Team. She has raced with professional UCI teams and been competitive in Spring Classics World Cup races (the current World Tour equivalent) like Flandres and Drenthe. During her second Giro Donne (the best stage race for women in the world) Davina was involved in her team mate attaining and defending the pink jersey as the first ever Australian rider.

Davina has a young daughter and currently races in the National Road Series and at some local Perth races.