SPR Transition Group_Roll Through on Guildford

This morning, I had the pleasure of witnessing  what I believe to be a good example of a group roll through; but not with our “super experienced” guys & gals from the Fast or Main Groups. Nope, this one was with our “Trannies” – the riders who are generally either still learning the craft of cycling, developing their fitness, happy to ride at a less hectic pace…or maybe a bit of all three!

Anyway, I managed to secure a little bit of footage of the performance that unfolded in front of me….the benefit of this is that we get to see what ‘good’ looks like and it’s not from a group of “pros”, just our “everyday” Trannies from SPR.

…..and I’m really hoping that the “stars of the show” won’t be grumpy with me for sharing their backsides with the world?

If you have any feedback or questions on this or any other aspect of riding in SPR’s group rides, please do drop your friendly training and development sub-committee an email at development@southperthrouleurs.com.au