spr survey – social comments

a little while back we ran a survey and have since published the results in a previous post. quite a few of the questions had a space for comments.  in the interest of transparency all the comments from the survey will be listed below and i will attempt to answer them as best i can.  since the survey was anonymous, this is the only way that people can be responded to. on occasion, i may group a number of comments together and answer them together.  if you need further clarification on any of the replies, please feel free to send me and email and i can answer you personally.

As there were so many areas to add comments, we have broken it done into 5 main topic groups with posts around each – club & safety, kit, racing & volunteering, social and a final one where the general feedback on any topic was given.

If SPR were to run cycling events for “participation” and “fun”, what should they be?

I’d leave this to the big event organisers (ie outsource)

Hill climbs. Track cycling.

Pub/Cafe Crawl. Cyclocross at a brewery. Stuff where we can hang out after the event or multiple races so you can race and watch a race as well.

Long haul supported country rides – with escort vehicles. Ie A perth to Beverley ride. Stay at the pub and then ride back to Perth via York. Or what about a climbers carpark challenge? Would be ?? awesome!

How about some fun events eg like the Giro de perth etc. once a year

Dirty Dozen 2 (I have a draft route PM me)

Hill climb challenge, obviously we don’t have anything as long but…http://www.keirachallenge.com.au/cycle-climb.html

ATTA run the best TT’s – don’t try to compete with ATTA

would like to see intermediate level participation team events,a group of us girls recently did tour of Gracetown, it would have been nice to see more SPR there and support or similar type rides.

Not really into it


100-150km rides also

Multiday event. TTT, ITT, road race. 3 stages, winners for each and overall GC.

The range of rides, races & events across the year is awesome as is

Do an “Every ride of the week” Challenge. Mon-Fri. In one day. (I’ve done it.)

time trials and team time trial events, these are popular at ToMR time and folks seem to have had a lot of fun doing it, builds camaraderie and would be something super different for SPR

Team things like relays also

Other events with others. I have took part in a few Perth integrated health events and very well. Organised and enjoyable. Riding is not not all about racing

night rides

Tour with SWCC – Joint Club ride through Ferguson Valley

Nah just organise races. They’re more fun

Needs to be something ‘different’ or unusual like the Water Tower challenge.

I am unlikely to do participation rides. However, historically the best rides for me were the UCI training rides at 600am on Sunday. It’s close to racing but still a club ride. Something similar to that would be great. It’s a nice start time in hot weather, home at a reasonable hour and still left time to attend a race later in the morning.

ATTA does time trials year round, but maybe there is space in the calendar for some team time trials, especially in the least up to ToMR

Night ride challenge

Tour of the Wheatbelt

a number of good suggestions in there.  i like the idea of a 2 day supported ride.  like most things, it does take a bit of organisation, but certainly something we can look into.  there is already work going on around a weekend training camp as well.

the joint club training ride also looks good.  there are lots of areas that we don’t explore because they are not close to us, but a short trip away in the car and we can find all sorts of new roads.  with some local guides, it makes it even easier.

the old ucwt training ride was a good hit out and very solid indeed.  we have been talking about revamping it as a once a month (replace the long hills) ride on a set course with only a regroup at the end.  still a work in progress.

the water tower challenge has definitely been identified as an event that we must put on again.  the back end of the year is too cramped full of events now, so we need to find a new home for it.  also on my list of things to do.

a night ride challenge is kind of almost running now.  we have been doing lots of nightowl rides which cut a lap of the river before the earlybird.  great time to ride as the weather is still nice and the roads are clear.  if you really want a night time challenge, have a look at delirium.  solo, duo or in a team of 6.  how many laps can you do in 24 hours. a real challenge but there are lots in the club that have taken it up previously.

Are you a member of any other cycling organisations?




Informal Group – Bike Force Myaree


Track Cycling WA

Over 55s

Australian Time Trials Association WA

Cycling Australia



Over 55 Cycling club


Meetup Group Cycling for Fun




atta is very popular and they run excellent time trial events.  there are no ego’s, you just go out and do your thing and check the website to see how you go.  they keep track of pb’s and all that, so you can track your progress.  you don’t even need a fancy tt bike as many people just go and do them on a roadie (or even penny farthing).  it is a great way to do more competitive riding without actually racing. we obviously missed them from the options to select other organisations which was a major oversight on our part.

Do you currently have bike insurance (damage &/or theft), who is it with?

Cyclecover Gold



Covered with TA


Bike sure

Through household insurance



ANZ home and contents

as in private / personal bike insurance

But probably need it.



home insurance


CGU – home




Velosure and RAC

Bruce Insurance, part of home contents

Cycling Australia









Part of our house insurance

Cycle Aus





Cycling Australia








Rac friend who races recommended to me as I can’t afford to replace my cafe racer

Home contents insurance

No Worries Bike Cover

Berkshire Hathaway (home contents insurer)




Allianz via home insurance





Insured as a portable item through home and contents, not specific bike insurance





for those that aren’t insured, there are quite a few suggestions in there for who to contact.  cycling isn’t meant to be a contact sport, but there are so many variables outside of your control, that insurance is necessary to make sure you aren’t replacing a bike all the time.

What social activities would you like?

An event I have participated in the past was a ride that was followed by a B’fast BBQ, families were encouraged to attend with kids and partners on bikes. So shortened Sat ride, partners with kids all on bikes meeting. Short ride to follow then breakfast. It was mayhem but huge fun

“Garmin’s in the bowl”

thanks tinder-guy

Connect with other riding club like Perth integrated and participate with the riding events

Love it all. 10 yr birthday family event

we did do a family event early on in the clubs history, for those that remember.  discussions are underway as to what we do for the clubs 10 year anniversary.