Do you have a question about anything “racing”?

Have you ever wondered about giving Racing a try? Have you ever had a question about anything racing?

Why race? How do I race? What grade am I in? What do I eat? When do I eat? What kit do I take? How do I warm up? How the hell do you pin these numbers on properly?!?!!?

Dan, The Numbers Man – on race number pinning quality control duties.

There are a near infinite number of questions I could add here that you, I or anyone else who has considered giving racing a crack have asked themselves.

But why ask yourself if you don’t know the answer, eh?

The SPR Race Committee have been getting pretty active over the past few years with supporting events, staging events, and sourcing more cowbells – true story. And, more importantly, supporting new SPR racers!

Debbie B flying high.

One of our aims is to provide a pathway for those interested in racing. This website even says so:
“We also aim to develop pathways for those pursuing an interest in racing, with particular emphasis in developing women’s racing, and we have a number of female riders of varying ability from novice to semi-professional who can provide support for new members.”

Ashley Brown, quietly chuffed with self.

The last few weeks we have seen some of our newer racers Debbie Bertolatti and Ashley Brown nabbing podiums in The Ring Summer Crit Series. At Renae’s Race a few weeks ago SPR made up 50% of all entrants on the day – how good is that!?!?! We must be doing something right. But, rest we shan’t.

The SPR Members survey indicated there was an interest in racing, so Race@SPR are hosting a Q&A opportunity at Dome Westralia Plaza Post-Main rides from 09:00 am Saturday 10th March, 2018.

We invite you and ALL of your curious racing questions to come forth.

So what do YOU want to ask?


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