6th Annual Vice President’s Good Friday Ride

Dams Ride – 2017 (photo credit Vanessa Johnson)

It’s on again.  The 6th Annual Vice President’s Ride will be taking place on Good Friday (March 30).  Starting at the carpark at 6 am on Good Friday, the ride has become a club tradition since its inception in 2013 and follows the old 3 dams route (i.e. not finishing at Curtin Uni) – or as it will be known from now on, The Vice President’s Ride Route.  For the history buffs, it was originally organised as a 5 dams training ride with Jordan Brock, Dave Manners and myself.  We were joined by a few other hardy souls and numbers have increased with each passing year.

It is ridden at a Main 1 pace and there are SHORT re-groups at the end of climbs.  It is all about an enjoyable ride in the hills, with your SPR clubmates, at a reasonable clip.  Also, several riders in the past have joined us at different points, or gone home early due to other commitments, and this is encouraged if you are time poor and still want to participate.  The leaders on the day will decide on re-group times, and if you miss a re-group, make sure you can get home solo.

There will be a break in tradition this year, with the Vice President unfortunately not being able to participate, but he will be on hand at the start to deliver the briefing and will no doubt be stalking the riders in the hills.  Don’t despair, other suitably qualified riders will be on hand to lead the way.  Remember that being Good Friday, there will not be much open.  There will be a stop in Pickering Brook for water only and the sumptuous breakfast of Easter eggs, coke and hot cross buns will be repeated this year at Wungong Dam.  Once again I’ve secured the services and an internationally renowned rider to assist with this.

Dress code – those who have them are encouraged to wear their national kits from previous UCI rides and SPR kit is suggested for all others, as it is a club ride.  Mixing and matching SPR kits will be looked upon favourably – the ride record is 4 separate kit designs and there will be a prize for the person who wears the most number of different SPR-designed kit items.