We want YOU for the Green Army – Volunteer Register Update 2018

SPR has an involvement in a number of events throughout the year – those we do from the ground up (the Beverley Handicap Road Race, SPR Water Tower Challenge, The Dirty Dozen 2) those we do in partnership (The Ring Crit Series) and those we swamp to reprazent the green! A lot of the time, it’s same people coming along to assist at every event and there’s no reason why we should keep all the fun to ourselves when there’s 400 odd SPRouleurs out there!

It must be said that the SPR Green Army this past year has been stellar. Race Support – both “Race” support for the SPR Van transfer and kit set up as well as general supporters – has been recognised by The Ring organisers for the size our entries, our cheering and noise and representation of Club. Our volunteers contribute because they want to  and are happy to give back. There’s no pay, no gifts, no freebies past a Coke or a water. But contribute they do. I wish we could thank you more, because it is this tireless assistance that makes it possible to do what Race@SPR set out to do. Kudos!

Long gone are the days when el Prez does everything. Now he’s out to meet the people and spread the charm as “The Face of SPR”. Dutchie approved.

We now seek to update our Volunteers Register for 2018 from our SPR member base – a chance for you all to be a part of what makes SPR awesome, and be better prepared in the long run for our events.

This will allow us to set up a roster ahead of time, plan around the events you may be participating in and just get you all involved. Also it will serve to have members engage outside of your own regular Saturday ride group and give you the chance to give back and contribute to the SPR activities.

What do we want from you?


Beverley Heroic 2017 volunteers, and some reprobate taking all the chocolate croissants off their hands.

If you plan to nominate for ToMR this year, you need to be on this list as a Vollie. A group of 30 SPRouleurs will cover our basic manning for SPR run and supported events. More SPRouleurs will mean we can assist actively with MORE CycleSport WA events and build the WA Cycling community even further.

We at Race@SPR aim to have support attending The Ring Series and The Element Series events, The Beverley Handicap and other major race and event days through the year on top of ToMR. We will generate a list to cover the following duties across the events we are involved with:

  • SPR Van duties; “The Driver” – cruise the van out to event days with the tents and assist the SPR crew participating;
  • Set up and pull down Crews; “The Muscle” – pitch the tents, ice up the esky’s, raise the flags;
  • Registration Desk; “The Lookers” – smile, laugh, get their license and get ’em racing;
  • Drivers; “The Stig” – Lead, Follow and support vehicle drivers, and some experience is needed for these;
  • Traffic controllers; “The Stop-Go-ers” – any ticketed traffic controllers out there in the membership?
  • Marshalls; “The Point and Smilers” – assist with ushering spectators and participants.

To register as an SPR Volunteer, email the Race Sub-Committee at race@southperthrouleurs.com.au, reply to this post below, or come and catch up with Greg and/or Jon Hanson any Saturday morning post Main ride at Dome Westralia Plaza – the one with the ridiculous moustache and the loud bloke next to him.

You can trust these two.

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    1. Thanks Greg, would be happy to support The Beverley in whatever capacity that suits.
      PS. A bit confused by the “loud bloke” comment, I was sure Hanso didn’t have a ridiculous Mo 😉

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