SPR Social Committee – we want YOU!

Grand Tour Dinner 2017 – awaiting us on arrival at Petit Mort, or not.

With the very Social Belinda Evans being slightly un-social (well, without edit access to the website!), we are putting out a call for all potentially interested members to join the Social Sub-Committee. The SPR Annual General Meeting saw the Committee Members nominated and voted upon, and now the call for Sub-Committee members starts.

The King of Socialz past – Graham Hoskins.

The Socialz (with a Z) are the Crew that organise our Grand Tour Do’s (think Tour de France outing to Petit Mort, oh yes!), the annual Xmas ride and our big Dome Buffet Breakfast mornings. AND the awards. AAAAND ……. dare I hint at it……. a special something for SPR’s 10th Anniversary. Socialz have even helped the Race Committee with events like The Beverley and ToMR (many historical thanks!).

We’d love to have a new crew to the Social Sub-Committee,  so to tell us you’re interested,  or have a few questions before offering your own Social Skillz,  email race@southperthrouleurs.com.au.