Chaotic Energy

The ride leader sponsor for August is Chaotic Energy owned by SPR member Teneal Attard.

Chaotic Energy is an exercise and rehabilitation centre with a difference. The general exercise membership gives you access to state of the art equipment (including a number of Wahoo Kickr’s for those rainy days) and includes personalised gym programming and ongoing support to achieve your goals. The calm and professional atmosphere has specifically been created to enable you to get the most out of your training.

NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT) rehabilitation therapists are also available to assist if you’ve had long-term pain, ongoing niggling injuries or are looking for that extra edge in your sporting performance. NPT is a specialised therapy where exercise equipment is used as form of stress, allowing assessment of how your system is working relative to optimal performance. NPT trained therapists can very quickly see any imbalances in your neural landscape and help fine-tune your system by restoring correct behavioural neural patterns and pathways.

Chaotic Energy is owned and managed by SPR club member; Teneal Attard. Teneal grew up as a BMX bandit, with a recent return to the sport after a highly successful international hockey career. Through sponsoring the August Ride Leader Program, Teneal aims to give back to the club. She wants to contribute to the club structure that initially impressed her right on that first Saturday morning group ride.

If you’d like more information please find Teneal at coffee or on a group ride or be in contact:

Teneal Attard – 0409767187

Chaotic Energy – 231 Bulwer St, Highgate