SPR Tour of Margaret River Squad 2018 Announcement

Damn straight, it’s that time of year again. Days are getting warmer, mornings becoming light earlier, the rainy days are getting fewer, and we announce the SPRouleurs ToMR Squad.
There’s no “i” in Team. Although we couldn’t spell it at the end of 4 stages anyway.
We have managed to secure five slots with ToMR organiser in the racing program – 2 Women’s and 3 Men’s teams. And from those nominees who have thrown down their cash money, here is the squad:
  • Abi Smeaton
  • Alison Ramm
  • Andrew Lilley
  • Ashley Brown
  • Audrey Xie
  • Barry Cook
  • Bryan Thurstan
  • Craig Denham
  • Craig Duarte
  • David Menarry
  • Debbie Bertolatti
  • Dermot Blackweir
  • Elar Kalda
  • Faye Daglish-Jones
  • Greg Murray
  • Jeremy Outschoorn
  • John Carnicelli
  • Jon Hanson
  • Julian Bleddyn
  • Katheryn Dines
  • Kirstie Moore
  • Leigh Outschoorn
  • Liz Sheehan
  • Mark DeCastro
  • Meegan Fyfield
  • Michael Bonner
  • Olesya Alutina
  • Peter Mah
  • Rebecca Kelly
  • Sue Beattie
  • Toby Brown
  • Wil Celis
Returning again is a majority of the Women’s 2 team – second place in Division last year. And an almost complete, almost all conquering Mens 1 team from last year – also coming second in Division last year. Our teams will be selected and graded from the Squad.
At present, we don’t have a Pro Register rider allocated to SPR. Let’s face it though – our team mate from last year, Annemiek van Vlueten, is a tough one to top. But we also got to meet the legend, greatest all round cyclist of all time, Marianne Vos, our old Perth Mate (and now GCN legend) Emma Pooley, Local Hardman Luke Durbridge, the rest of the Waow Deals women’s team – like Anoushka Koster (who SPR also bumped into at TDU in R-Adelaide). ToMR is half race, half social, but all fun.
Craig. And a coupla stalkers.
For now, the names above are OUR legends. There will be lots more ToMR SPAM and pics from our preparations and training, so apologies ahead of time.
Whilst we have a full roster for now, if there is anyone wishing to nominate as a reserve (sadly, things happen – sometimes good work or family things, but sometimes bad crashy things), please
read through the previous posts here, here and here, and email race@southperthrouleurs.com.au if you fit the bill.