The Beverley 2018 – Call out for Volunteers

The Beverley Heroic weekend is returning. Saturday 13th October SPR continues the revival of the famous old race “The Beverley” – our version, a 114km Handicap race. Sunday 14th October are the more leisurely but no less challenging Beverley Heroic Rides of 80 or 160kms.

Saturday is a race day for SPR, but it’s also a massive weekend of cycling in general and we need your help. Both events are starting and finishing in the charming Wheatbelt town of Beverley, a quick hour and a bit East of Perth.

For Saturday’s race we require volunteers for:

  • Lead/Follow vehicles and drivers (driver and passenger, previous experience preferred)
  • Marshals for Start/Finish area
  • Marshals for Registration area
  • Marshalls at midway water station

For Sunday’s Beverley Heroic events we require volunteers for:

  • Lead/Follow vehicles and drivers (driver with passenger/spotter preferred)
  • Marshals for Registration area
  • Attendants at Checkpoints

For Saturday there will be cash offered to assist with covering fuel costs for volunteers attending, and additional cash for those on vehicle duties during the event.

For those of you nominated for the Tour of Margaret River, as has been emailed already, we expect your attendance to either race or volunteer. Or both. For Sunday, Toby Hodgson is extending cash for fuel and a free Heroic Ride entry for you if ring in a significant other.

As well as The Beverley on Saturday, Cyclocross racing is on in the evening and the Beverley Heroic rides go on Sunday – a 50 and a 100 mile option. Come and make a weekend of it. We’d love to see a sea of green once again.

A bunch of SPR will be staying overnight in town and frequenting the local establishments. And by local establishments, I mean we’ll join you for a beer in the pub.

Volunteering and giving back to the Club is what makes our little green community great!  If you’re not racing we’d love your help on Saturday. If you are racing, join us on Sunday.

Email the Race Committee direct to advise your availability at and any questions can email or catch up with Greg at Dome post Saturday Main rides.