ride routes 29th dec – 4th jan

the sun rises after the night owl – photo by finley vine

as the sun sets on the last post of the year, it is time to reflect on exactly what we have here. a year ago i was making tentative plans to leave perth.  2017 was hands down my worst year ever of my 20+ years with the company and i was ready to cash out.  i was luckily thrown a lifeline and this year has been excellent even with the extra travel involved. however, it is worth thinking about the “what ifs” and how the club would fair.  the last few years we have had a good measure of stability within the organisation and running of the club.  people like jon hanson and greg murray who worked tirelessly to bring together the beverely event and spr tomr teams.  behind the scenes, tim hopkins did lots of work to organise and reorganise the new bike racks, through prototyping  and delivery.  but even more than that, i know that there are people within the club that share similar values to me who will take up the mantle if i left.  these are the people that i rely on heavily when we make some of the more difficult decisions within the club.  people like daniel harvey, andrew ballam, rob ramsden and julian johnson.  people that have been part of the committee for a number of years and understand the direction that we want to take the club in the future.  i suppose the bottom line is that it is not an “if” but “when” we do leave perth, i can see spr having future that extends well past my tenure.

ride leader sponsor –the ride leader sponsor for December is Get Your Visa a migration agency based in Perth since 2012.  Whether you are looking at an employee to sponsor, or having a relative joining you or any migration matters, Get Your Visa is there to help.

social committee and race awards 2018 – as it tradition within the club, we gave out our annual awards last weekend at the club xmas breakfast.  it is important for us as a club to recognise those that have contributed to the what makes the club what it is – a group of people with a shared interest, but a multitude of experiences.  a complete list of winners and nominations can be found on the previous post.

memberships – all race memberships will expire at the end of the year (i.e. in 4 days time).  it is important to renew your membership even if you are not intending to race during the first month or so of 2019.  no membership means no insurance and i am sure that you will still be riding your bike even if you aren’t racing.  if you have decided not to race anymore, a recreational membership will give you insurance coverage during your training rides.  if you want to transfer to spr from another club, send and email to the admin address and i can action it electronically.  check out the previous post for more info and links.

save the date – on the 6th of april next year we will be celebrating our 10 years of being an affiliated club.  the group came together in 2008, but officially we became an incorporated, affiliated club in 2009.  help us celebrate this occasion.  hopefully many “founding members” will be in attendance to see how the club has evolved over the years.

saturday start locations – we have revamped the group start locations on saturday morning.  please have a look at the map so you know where your group will congregate.  this makes it easier for ride leaders to give you a briefing before the ride starts.  see the previous post for more details.

spr junior juniors – after a bit of a trial last week, we will be starting our junior juniors (also known as – juniors fast 2).  this will be for the under 10’s as last week the outschoorn kids headed into kings park before finishing at dome with everyone else.  they will meet at the coode st carpark at 7am with every other group and will follow a similar route to kings park as the “juniors fast 1”.  the number of loops/etc will depend on who is in attendance.  as with all our junior rides, a parent or guardian needs to be in attendance.

spr juniors – juniors is getting bigger.  more kids, more hill climbs, more pancakes and more bacon.  seriously, pancakes with bacon seems to be the food of choice.  anyway, summer is coming so suns out, sons out (daughters welcome too).

from the ride coordinator – Good luck to anyone trying to complete the Rapha 500 this week.  Wishing you all a Happy New Year for 2019.

saturday 29th december

ride starts under the narrows (cityside) at 5:30am

early lap – earlybird 40.93km spr special

all rides start at coode st carpark at 7:00am

junior juniors (under 10 with parent) – kings park juniors 23.72km spr saturday

juniors (10 – 15 yrs with parent) – kings park juniors 23.72km spr saturday

development group –  novice shelley 36.06km spr saturday

transitional 1/2 – trans shelley 40.59km spr saturday

fast/main – maddington 51.87km spr saturday

sunday 30th december

ride starts under the narrows (cityside) at 5:30am

early lap – earlybird 40.93km spr special

ride start at coode st carpark at 6:00am

development group – coffee ride – Summer Sundays at Six am (Dec to Feb)

all rides start at coode st carpark at 7:00am

short – brktn weir 82.89km spr sunday

long – cann dam 100.13km spr sunday

monday 31st december

ride starts under the narrows (sth perth side) at 5:30am

south stock 33.76km spr monday

tuesday 1st january – new years day

ride starts under the narrows (cityside) at 5:30am

spr tuesday 36.37km (river ride)

all rides start at coode st carpark at 7:00am

public hol 58.97km spr special

wednesday 2nd january

ride starts raffles bike path at 5:30am

interval training – stock road repeats

thursday 3rd january

ride starts under the narrows (cityside) at 5:30am

see previous post for ride groups

spr thursday 37.26km (cott & freo)

ride starts frasers ave at 5:45am

development group – interval training kings park

friday 4th january

ride starts under the narrows (sth perth side) at 5:30am

spr friday 42.01km (shelley)

friday training/recovery ride