As the year of 2018 comes to a close….

…we are planning 2019 event that is not to be missed!!

April 6th 2019 will see all those in attendance celebrate 10 years of SPR. So many memories have been created, friendships formed, races won and lost, volunteers provided, events organised and completed…we are a leading example of a community group that transcends the sport we all love – our heart & soul is social & sporting inclusion. Anyone can, and has, joined our Club to develop their own love of the sport of cycling, found new friends and established ways of living their life that were previously unimaginable (“Riding a bike in Italy up those same hills that the ‘big boys’ ride?? Not a chance…until I found SPR!!”)

But how to celebrate such a big occasion? With change & adaptation a constant force on the Club over the last 10 years, we wanted to do something that would be meaningful to everyone who has or does belong to SPR, which is why we’ve chosen the the ‘SPR River Loop’! We feel it would be remiss of us to not pay homage to this nationally, and in some cases internationally recognised icon of Perth cycling!

Now, of course it won’t just be ANY SPR River Loop – that would never do! And, if we told you exactly what we were planning, where would the fun in that be?!

Over the coming months we’ll be drip feeding a few clues on the Blog during the lead up to the big day….just to keep you guessing. Some clues will likely be decoys to throw you off the scent and others will be factual to help you get to the start on time (and wearing the right a-tyre)! If you think you’ve got it, keep it to yourself…but don’t be too sure as we think we’ve got something pretty special that might just surprise you!

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, all Committee members have been sworn to secrecy so don’t go putting the squeeze on them!! They are vaults!

So, if SPR has, did, does or continues to mean anything to you as a person or cyclist, then lock it in! When this event picks up a full head of steam you will NOT want to simply hear about it the next day! You will want to be able to revel in the fact that you have participated in and contributed to something that will become part of the history of the Club, just as the SPR River Loop is part of the fabric of Perth.

Be sure to have the late afternoon/evening of the 6th of April well and truly blocked out in your calendar! More clues and information will be provided soon!