cycliq camera lights

most of you would have heard of cycliq camera lights.  a perth based company that has combined front and rear lights with a constantly recording camera.  there are many of you that may already have these lights as they are quite popular within the peleton.

however, if you don’t have any, or are looking at upgrading to the latest version, then we have a deal for you.

cycliq have offered the club a volume based discount on the fly6 ce and fly12 ce models.  what this means is that if the club buys 10 units, we get a 20% discount, 20 units a 25% discount and 30 units a 30% discount.  it must all be done through the club, then a bulk order sent out for us to distribute.

so, in the shop are 2 new items, the fly6 ce for the discounted price of $215 and the fly12 ce at $330.  this is down from $259 and $399 respectively.  this represents the 20% discounted price plus a bit for us to run it through paypal.  if we reach the 20 or 30 unit level, then the club will reimburse the difference in savings.  if however, we don’t reach the 10 unit mark, we will just refund all parties.

we will keep this offer open till mid october to see how we go.  there is no pressure, just an opportunity to get some safety lights at a reduced price.

click here for access to the club shop.