SPR Social Club Award Survey Results 2019

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone nominated in our annual award survey. Please see a list below of all the nominations. (Winners are awarded by the most first nominations).

Most improved rider – a rider who over the last year has made the greatest improvements in ability and skill.   Winner: Nancy Tippaya

Nancy Tippaya: Moved up in groups, and race grades and had a stellar CX season. Never afraid to give anything a go. Extra bonus is that she’s always smiling and happy.

Iris Hyland

Faye Dalglish

Nancy Tippenjaya – took up racing got a lot faster

Meegan Fyfield – improved beyond sight. sitting on front of Friday ride next to a F1 rider looking comfortable.

Leon ? Rides M2. Started in M3, progressed through winter to M2. Recently rode on Steve Waugh charity ride in QLD

Rob rides Main2. He has come along way in his riding ability

Meegan Fyfield: She was a strong rider before but has stepped up a notch this year and is very consistent at the front of Main 2 now.

Vanessa Johnson; racer and the rest, enough said

Adrian Emilsen

Nancy Tippaya – huge improvement in fitness and ability

Nancy Tippaya – so much dedication and gelato

Josie Meyers. She set herself a goal to climb the Stelvio Passo, in celebration for a significant birthday. Despite many obstacles, she achieved that goal, with aplomb.

Tedman Wong. Was in main 2 for a while and now in Main 1 and he manages to say on group now

Selina Hanson. Having to tolerate her muppet husband (hehe), she’s moved from first group ride up through Main groups in a year.

Nancy Tippaya – has really blossomed across multiple disciplines – great to see dedication to training yielding great results

Adrian Emilson – getting himself a whole lot fitter! Also amazing result and effort in the Beverley

nancy tippaya

Nancy – 100% effort all the time

Nancy Tippaya; improved from ‘struggling’ Main 2 rider to strong Main 1 level (borderline Fast 2) and one who has attempted Cyclocross, Time-trialling, Crits and road racing with aplomb.

JAMIE LISTER: from shepherding me on my first rides in main 2 last year to now pushing the pace in main 1.

Nancy T – has improved greatly from training, competing, moving up groups and even giving indoor track a go !!

Meegan Fiefield – What a lady, what a transformation! Her aspirations to give the 3 Peaks a good crack has seen her in a very disciplined and committed fashion improved her diet to drop 20kgs in weight, increase her hours on the bike to build fitness and endurance and follow a strict regime of gym work to build strength. One thing hasn’t changed though…she remains to be a great sport!

Meegan Fyfield: an obvious choice!

Pete Finlayson – riding like a rock star

Meehan Fyfield


Ben Fairclough – took up racing got a lot faster

Lloyd Forsyth – was battling to hold onto F2 last year. Today riding in F1 and for a +40 that gotta be good

Nancy – started year as strong M2, progressed into M1. Lots of training for ToMR

Nancy Tippaya, yes she races but she really has gone from strength to strength

Marcus Vandalen: He has really improved his strength this year and is a consistently strong Main 1 rider now.

Luke Winson; gone from the couch to pushing the pace in F2 and Ling Hills

Selina Hanson

Meegan Fyfield – flying up the climbs at EBR

Finley Vine – over 100 Mount Streets. Enough said.

Kate Bonner. Kate is relatively new to racing and has achieved well, despite her humble beginnings.

Kalan Ralph: been at uni and with alone been back a month he already jumped leaps n bounds

Meagan Fyfield. Starting a from a lofty point, Megs has steadily built up a huge endurance for the Peaks Challenge. Watch those kms build.

Meegan – getting herself a whole lot fitter, continues to put herself out there with big challenges improving all the time. Also such a happy positive grateful attitude.

Faye – never giving up and consistently being out there

Meegan Fyfield; excellent ride leader who has shown what determination can do to improve a rider (as she prepares for the 3 Peaks Challenge)

Marcus Van Dalen: from shepherding me in main 2 last year to hanging with the tough guys on long hills + extra

Dave Croft – riding more, moving up groups, trying out racing, midweek rides, stockies,Thursday early birds to Friday full ride.

Nancy Tippaya: another obvious choice!

Adrien Emilson – also riding like a rock star


Most inspirational rider: someone who has influenced you through their deeds or helped to motivate you to achieve more in cycling than you thought you could. Winner: Faye Daglish-Jones

 Mike Bonner: Inspired my behaviour in the group to look out for other riders and try to lend a wheel or a helping hand where possible.

Greg Jones

Faye Dalglish

Ross Bowden – always very encouraging

Ross Boaden – inspires many riders behind the scenes to push themselves beyond what they thought possible. A quiet achiever.

Mike Bonner. Always supporting development group on Friday. Is very conscious of safety and often coaches individuals and groups

Teneal Attard. Always encouraging to everyone. Not to mention pretty awesome on the bike. Supported and contributed to multiple bike events

Michelle Bonner: I am impressed by Michelle’s weekly commitment on the bike and this drives me to get out there and stretch myself more.

Vanessa Johnson; enough said again

Kate Bonner

Steve – consistently offering support

Teneal Attard. Legend.

Faye Dalglish Jones. It is awe inspiring to see how disciplined Faye is with her cycling.

Faye Dalglish-jones: always got encouragement words to say an we doing the 3 peaks together

Sarah Fitton. Riding for adventure, fun and sometimes speed. Bringing mates along the way!

Adam Ralph – always positive and encouraging during SPR training rides, during races, and in the coffee shop afterwards

David Menarry – continues to improve himself and is consistent.

Faye Dalglish Jones

Dean Roser –

Vanessa Johnson; had a crack at everything this year and has shown what Masters riders can enjoy at State, National (medalist) and representing Australia at the World Masters Cyclocross Championships

Ben Thorman: Big attacks off the front of pemberton crit followed by sitting up and wheelie-ing through the line on his give-up lap: I aim to emulate

Faye for for determination & drive at taking on and successfully completing every challenge she sets herself, being there for everyone and always having a smile & an encouraging word for everyone.

If only there was a most inspirational coach award because Toby Brown would win hands down. He’s pretty inspirational on the bike but as a coach he has got me through my toughest year of being an athlete yet due to an unexpected injury. He’s taught me how to leverage from areas of personal strength to get through the involuntary break but most importantly he made me feel valued as a person, not just as an athlete.

Jon Hanson – is inspirational even tho he shouts too much

Charlotte Clark

Greg Murray. Phenomenal effort in organising races and events over many years

Greg Murray – the amount of energy he puts into support racing events and always happy to lend a week. Brighten rise with music and his sense of humour

Belson Yong: He is always encouraging and sets a good example to push yourself to improve or get out when the weather doesn’t look great.

Ross Boaden; understated leader within the bunch continuing to push new heights

Anka Hoskins

Tim Hopkins – will look after anyone on the ride

Amanda Nabi. Does it again and again, even after injury.

Vanessa Johnson – across several cycling disciplines.

Adam Ralph: alway encouragement words to be said and we doing 3 peaks together

Jim Flynn. Some great rides and adventures, and generously shared in great story telling.

Nancy – continues to improve himself and is consistent.

Leigh O

Dean Roser – no one else inspires so much

Elar Kalda: soooo many Ks all around the hills area and over and over again

Knowing the Friday Morning Bonner Train will be at the station – to support and encourage.

Adrien Emilson – because he doesn’t shout


Good Samaritan: someone who has taken an opportunity to help, on the spur of the moment, another cyclist in need. (Awarded to most first nominations). Winner: Dean Roser

 Pete Mah: Aways ready to help absolutely any person on any ride he does, particularly looking out for females who are trying to step up groups or have begun riding EBRs etc.

Greg Jones

Rob Ramsden

Peter Seizovic – clearers rocks off road in a F2 ride for the following group

Tim Hopkins – when I had a second flat on a longish ride and we ran out of CO2. He rode off the the nearest bike shop carrying my wheel. Got it fixed and rode back. beyond the call of duty – yes

Jordan Brock. Always aware and helping slower riders, particularly on Friday Morning

Peter Mah always helping others

Shane White: Shane is always there to offer some wisdom or help on mechanical issues or riding technique or give a well needed push up the climbs.

Dean Roser, all day everyday

Greg Murray

Peter Mah – always giving someone a push

Dean Roser. Always looks after others on group rides without thinking of his own ride.

Greg Jones. Always looking out for his charges

Andrew Hallam: hills ride alway turning back to help others n ride to group to keep us all together

Ballam. Always Ballam. I’m not sure if he’s always there to help with punctures, or if punctures happen because he’s there…. Hmm.

Michael Bonner – always keeping an eye out for riders struggling, offering words of encouragement and a wheel to follow

David Mernary

Dean Roser

Dean Roser; always considerate in looking after other people

Elar Kalda: baby-ing me across the line from 50km out on the 2018 ‘dean roser’s summer classic’

Claire Tyrell – just because she is nice

Michelle Bonner

Andrew Ballam

Dean Roser – he’s always helping people in need

Steve Burns, always looking out for riders in groups

Mike Bonner always helping others too

George Matrakis: He is always happy to jump off and help with a mechanical or lend a hand.

Steve Burns; often forgoing his own interests in the service of others

Pete Mah

Louise Carson – always there to help with advice, motivation and equipment.

Mike Bonner – he does this often.

Dean Roser: always prepared to sit with those how struggle on hills

Michelle Bonner. One of the most generous volunteers we’re lucky to have.

Bree Mitchell

Dean Roser – he is just super spunk

Adam Ralph; great impromptu ride leader and helper of others

Laurensia: giving a bottle of water to a man who was empty on long hills

When stepping up to main 2 thanks to all the good Samartians who gave me a wheel when needed not saying anything just quietly getting in front and disappearing again when back on group – Mike b, Michelle B, Faye, DG.

Andrew Ballam – he spent 11 hours in various hospitals with Toby Brown when he crashed breaking his wrist and collarbone at the Tour of Margaret River criterium. He got up next day after 2.5 hours sleep and race with his team because he didn’t want to let them down.

Tracie Dawson – because she’s nice too


Epic equipment or moment award: something that sticks in your mind about a rider and/or their bike/gear/club ride/race that was so unusual, be that good or bad. Winner: Adrian Emilsen.


Steve Burns: Proving that cleats have multi-uses. Able to ride out an unfortuante brake failure moment and prevent a crash by slowing down with his cleats. Not encouraged, but an awesome story nonetheless.

Graham Begg – ToMR – after a crash he roded on wrapping his shifter and cable around his handle bar, riding 20 km and finshing up what can only be decribed as a very steep hill top finish.

Rob Ramsden for his karaoke and during the SPR 10 year celebration. You work out if it was good or bad ?

The women’s tour of Margaret river! How exciting!

Steve Burns forgetting his helmet after recently suffering concussion

Kate B bridging the gap solo in final kms to almost take out the Beverley RR and Getting 1st wmn

Vanessa Johnson – epic result at CX worlds

Adrian Emilsen. 7th in the Beverley, then races CX and then the Heroic on the Sunday.

Faye Dalglish Jones riding her CX bike on road – with a very uncomfortable seat – while waiting to replace her broken bike.

Ben Thorman not matter which course always a wheelie to be had

ToMR, Women’s team. A group that hadn’t all ridden together until stage 1 of the race, and went on to finish 2nd by the narrowest of margins having lead the Tour, and taken 2 stage wins.

Nancy Tippaya – turning up to every CX race with complete cleaning kit – only person to leave a CX bike with a cleaner bike than they started with

Dean Roser

People who manage to keep up on rides with backpacks

Adrien Emilson for achieving his goal weight and smashing it

Vanessa in Belgium, the nationals etc

Paul George riding 10 km with broken forks on ToMR Stage 3, true champ taken out beyond his control

Nancy’s food pics 😂

Mark De Castro – when he gets on the front of the bunch along Welshpool on the way back from Sunday Hills and tears everyone’s legs off.

Josie Meyers reaching the summit of the Stelvio Passo – and another 5 mountain climbs

Ali “The Battering” Ramm riding Tuesday EBR on a full weight Gravel monster to train for SEVEN!

Dean Roser – he just looks so cool on the bike

Peter Mah – because he’s always willing to lend a hand


Ride Leader Award.  Winner: Greg Jones

Mike Bonner: Always acting with the best interest of the group in mind. Enabling riders of a higher level to still have a safe an enjoyable ride, and willing to give an extra hand to anyone who needs it.

Greg Jones


Steve Burns – always making sure everyone is being looked after

lauensia Rosana – always putting others before herself

Laurensia Rosana. Very conscious about ride safety. Showed leadership in creating 2 groups for Sunday rides. Volunteered to be part of ride lead sub committee

Too may to mention! Steve Burns communicates well and demonstrates how safe should be in a nice manner.

Megan Fyfield

Adrian Emilsen: Always looks out to ensure all riders are coping with the speed and keeps a continuous communication going to include everyone to ensure they have an enjoyable ride.

Dean Roser; a true gentleman that always looks out for others

Dean Roser

Jordan – putting up with Thursday morning grief

Rob Ramsden. Mr Smooth.

Peter MacDonald – always a calming presence

Adrian Emilsen: also ride route on stem and doesn’t like to roll on hills

Adrian Emilsen. Calm, caring and generous.

Michael Bonner – the voice of reason, and the calm in any F2 tempest

Greg Jones… leads by example

if you haven’t guessed that would be Dean Roser

Greg Jones. Taken on the Ride Leader organisation duties this year and has done a masterful job i.e. herding cats

George Gives thorough ride briefing especially about the route and what to look out for. 2 always gives timely instructions and makes it a priority for the group to have a safe and enjoyable ride

Adam Ralph: I feel most consistently acts to improve the safety and enjoyment of all participants on group rides

Greg rocking up every Saturday making sure every group has a ride leader, sorting out the large m2 groups into smaller groups & stepping in when short of ride leaders.

Jordan Brock – He constantly exhibits strong leadership on rides to keep any rogue element in line…he has his own style!

Greg (DG) Jones: keeps rides controlled without being bossy. His roll-throughs area joy.

Adrien Emilson – for his patience and knowledge

Adam Ralph – always positive and supportive.

Faye Daglish-Jones: For always being encouraging and smiley on every rider that she leads. Always a positive vibe when she has been leading.

Michelle Bonner


Adam Ralph – just a very encouraging person

Bree Mitchell. Great ride briefings lead to great rides and Bree is great at these.

Laurensia – very thoughtful and clear with all her instructions. Genuinely wants the best for the group.

Bree Mitchell

Greg Jones: Always focuses on the safety aspects and works to ensure the work is shared and is passionate about ensuring everyone has an enjoyable ride.

JP Grygorcewicz; calm, caring, pragmatic and a role model to all

Laurensia Rosana

Faye Dalglish-Jones

Laurensia Rosana. Can’t resist leading even when she’s not.

Greg Jones – often stepping up and logical.

Greg Jones: communication the key

Laurensia Rosana. Ever by the numbers and in balance.

Adrian… always keeps the group together and safe

Dean Roser – i don’t see anyone else. i only have eyes for him

Dean Roser; always leads a safe, enjoyable ride

Rob Ramsden: I feel most consistently acts to improve the safety and enjoyment of all participants on group rides

For all the m3 ride leaders – great work keeping the groups together and making ride enjoyable and safe – Michelle, Bree, George, Greg, Faye. – I know I can’t pick just 1 !!!!

Meegan Fyfield – for same reasons as Adrien (patience and knowledge)

JP – smooth, safe and calm

Best Decorated Bike: Shirley Vine


Best Dressed: Julian Johnson for the red zinc.